12 Types Of Solar Lights

12 Types Of Solar Lights And Their Different Purposes

Solar energy is the most outstanding way to save money and electricity. Saving bill and electricity with solar energy is a smart thing to do and many people in certain areas rely on solar power. Here we will show you the top 12 types of solar lights and their uses in this post. So, read on.

12 Types Of Solar Lights And Their Different Purposes
12 Types Of Solar Lights And Their Different Purposes

1-Decorative Solar Light

There are so many types of decorative solar bulbs available on the market and depending on your ideas, you can choose the right one. They are mainly to illuminate your garden to allow you to see in the night.

2-Path Lights

Path lights are very popular but you need so many of them to line them up along the way. They are typically very small but do the job, nonetheless.

3-Rock Lights

If you want lights in your garden but don’t want to make it obvious that you are using lights, rock lights are a perfect choice. They include in rock and illuminate the area. People can see the light but not necessarily can see the rocks.

4-Step Lights

Step lights have two different types; in the first type, it stays in the middle of the path to help you see clearly. And in the second type, it bends at 90-degree angle, and you can install it at the edge of your steps.


You may have seen this type of lights, they are also very popular. You can use them inside your house to improve the look. You can also use them in your garden walls and they save a lot of energy.


They are for lighting an ample space outside of your house and generally use so much electricity due to the size of the bulbs.


You need to use a large number of deck lights to see what you are walking. They look beautiful on any surface but are most beneficial for steps. You can add other solar light options such as wall light to make the yard more beautiful.


These lights are creative and fun and are super beneficial. These lights will light up in the shape of the street number so that your guests can find out your home easily.

9-Lamp Post

Lamp Post lights are traditional styles but they save a lot of energy and make your yard look great. They come in various designs, modern, classic, etc.


People also call them twinkle lights and they are popular for decorating your garden. You can use them for decorating purpose only because they are a very small light source.

11-Submersible Solar Lights

If you have a pond in your yard, you can decorate with these lights. You don’t have to worry about electricity and people can see things at night.

12-Mason Jar

Mason jars are also very famous and they look beautiful. To create a magical environment in your garden, you can fill mason jars with solar lights and turn your party mode on.

12 Types Of Solar Lights And Their Different Purposes
12 Types Of Solar Lights And Their Different Purposes

Tell us among these solar lights type, which one is more appealing to you?

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