3 Reasons To Stop Thinking About Global Warming Meaning

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The rapid increase in the global average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere, also called global warming, has been driving drastic changes in precipitation patterns, intense weather events, the arrival of colder seasons, and other changes. In the past decade, scientific research and predictions had indicated that global climate change can be directly caused by human activities.

The most popular explanation of global warming is the greenhouse effect. It was first noted by James Hansen in 1988 with the publication of “Greenhouse effect. It scribes the increasing pressure exerted by sunlight on the earth’s earth surface. In a greenhouse, the heat that radiates from a source is trapped within a relatively enclosed space or envelope.

Effect of global warming
3 Reasons To Stop Thinking About Global Warming Meaning

Greenhouse Gases

Scientists have also found that greenhouse gases emit infrared radiation. AHi type of infrared radiation that cannot escape from the envelope. As greenhouse gases trap more heat than they let in. The heat energy absorbed by the earth’s surface warms the planet’s atmosphere causing the climate to change.

Carbon dioxide is a natural byproduct of all living things, such as plants, animals, insects and other living things. Carbon dioxide is produced during the photosynthesis process in plants and is released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide gas.

Also, carbon dioxide is naturally a greenhouse gas. It makes it very difficult for Earth to retain its temperature without additional help. It is not clear what additional help carbon dioxide provides, but some research indicates that it helps stabilize the earth’s atmospheric temperature.

Some scientists believe that the effects of global warming can be directly attributed to carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Although this hypothesis does not fully explain why carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, the theory does provide insight into how the gas works. Carbon dioxide absorbs heat energy during the sun’s solar radiation and emits infrared radiation during the wintertime. This infrared radiation is absorbed by Earth’s cloud cover and is trapped within the envelopes of Earth’s atmosphere.

Changing Climate

As this trapped infrared radiation warms the earth’s atmosphere, the warming increases the earth’s average temperature. As this increases the earth’s temperature, the ground water is evaporated and precipitation occurs at the earths surface causing the precipitation to fall onto Earth’s surface. This precipitation causes further warming. The cycle continues and so on until the earth’s atmosphere reaches its equilibrium temperature.

The changing climate around the world is one of the primary reasons why scientists have identified human activity as having an impact on Earth’s climate. Global warming also shows no sign of stopping, meaning that the effects of global warming are still affecting our planet even in the present day.

Global warming may also be a result of global change. Many believe that Earth’s climate may be affected by changes in the tilt, orbit and other characteristics of the earth’s orbit. Since the earth’s orbit is not the same everywhere on earth. It may not be possible for there to be equal heating of the planet throughout the year. Especially since the earth rotates once every year. The changes in the earth’s rotation cause the earth’s seasons to occur in different ways across the world.

Why Global Warming Is A Hot Concern

One of the primary reasons why global warming has become the hottest environmental concern on the planet is the fact that the effects of global warming do not only affect the earth. Also affect the earths environment and other forms of life, such as animals, plants and fish.

The effects of global warming have also caused other species of animals to migrate into higher latitudes. The reason is that animals, including fish and birds migrate to warmer climates where they can survive.

Causes of global warming
3 Reasons To Stop Thinking About Global Warming Meaning

Global warming has also resulted in the decline of many plants and animals because of the decrease in the amount of plant life and animal life that can survive in the colder temperatures. Although animals and plants are not the main focus of global warming. They are affected because they do depend on plants for their survival.

Global warming is affecting human beings as well because food is harder to find. The reduction of plant life can also affect humans because the land that humans can use is limited.

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