5 Ways You Can Act On Climate Change

5 Ways You Can Act On Climate Change

With global warming escalating at an alarming rate, extreme climate changes are quite frequent. Changes in the sea levels, melting of ice, prolonged rains, and sometimes extended draughts, everything is taking a toll on our Earth. The result is excessive pollution and unexplained climate change, which will soon take the human race to extinction.

But is this the end? The good news is we can act on climate change right now. If not now, we will soon succumb to death.

Let’s have a look at what we can do to act on climate change.

5 Ways You Can Act On Climate Change
5 Ways You Can Act On Climate Change

Settle For Renewables                                    

Turn on a healthy vibe with renewable utilities. The best choice for preserving the environment at this point in time is to switch on to renewables. Renewable energies are not only conducive in towns, cities and rural areas, but also in your home. Charged up with renewable energy simply cut down the carbon footprints, thus making you’re surrounding a greener place to live in.

Opt For Green Commute

Survey says that, about 30% of frequent climate change is triggered by the vehicles that emit smoke, soot and grime. The best we can opt to do away with these is to settle for a green commute. While the government in the States is taking several proactive steps to cut down transportation emissions, we can also do something on our own. It will give you a happy and healthy body while saving a few bucks. Opt for electric or hybrid vehicles or riding a bike to your office to act on these alarming climate change.

5 Ways You Can Act On Climate Change
5 Ways You Can Act On Climate Change

Be Wise On Electricity Usage

Are you doing an energy audit of your place? If not, it’s time to do now. Make your home energy efficient. This will pollute your surroundings less as well as add up your savings. Bring in energy-efficient LED bulbs and programmable thermostat. Unplug your computer, television, fridge, mixer, chimney and every other appliance (that run on electricity) when not in use. Whenever you are buying an appliance, look for its energy star marking.

Refrain From Fossil Fuels

Refrain from using or investing in fossil fuels in any place, be it in your home, office, university or in any other place, just because fossil fuels are cheap. This is one of the reason behind unexplained climate change. Talk to your bank or investment adviser in order to create a divestment campaign at your university. Keep in mind that fossil fuel is a potential risk. It triggers climate change and also act upon your health. After all investing in a healthy future makes more sense.

Avoid Industrial Wastes

To act on climate change, you have to exercise your right as consumers as well as citizen. Vote for a system-wide change and refrain from investing in products that are polluting the environment during production phase. Avoid investing in stocks in fossil fuels, or industries with highly toxic emissions. This way you can reap economic benefits as well as act on restoring climate.

Keep in mind that the reins of restoring our climate reside on us. We can right now start acting on this inexplicable climate change. Being careful about preserving the environment can take us to a healthy future tomorrow.

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