Causes Of Air Pollution

6 Common Causes Of Air Pollution

Procedures that release light and small substances in the air can result in air pollution. Such substances can either be man-made or natural. These are basically dust, chemicals, suspended particles, auto emissions, and gases. These sources can either be localized like industrial complexes, or they can be a result of several producers like vehicles. These sources can also be outdoor or indoor. Nevertheless, not all pollutants are dangerous for the environment and the health of individuals. This kind of pollution is caused by several factors contributing to the release of gases and particulates in the environment. We will have a look at them below:

6 Common Causes Of Air Pollution
6 Common Causes Of Air Pollution

Industry Combustion

Industrial processes are probably one of the prime reasons behind pollutants into the air. Industries make use of different fossil fuels. Thus, the combustion of these fuels results in nitrogen oxide, ozone, and particulates. Other harmful pollutants include carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and also chemical wastes. These can completely deteriorate air quality everywhere.

6 Common Causes Of Air Pollution
6 Common Causes Of Air Pollution

Emissions From Vehicles

Transportation facilities such as planes, ships, and cars generally utilize combustion for harnessing energy by way of different fossil fuels. As has already been pointed out, combustion releases carbon monoxide and pollutants into the air. The process also releases ozone and nitrogen, which can play an important role in polluting the air. Pollution caused due to automobiles can easily be sited in almost all cities across the world.

Microbial Decaying Procedures

Different microorganisms in the environment can also have an important role to play in polluting the air around. The natural decaying procedures of environmental contaminants and also living organisms cause the release of methane gas. This further leads to wide-scale pollution of air and the entire environment.

Side Effects Of Agriculture

Agriculture is a popular way of income. Thus, modern-day techniques in this field advocate the use of fossil-fuel charged machines. These are used for harvesting produce and plowing fields. Also, the animals raised for food produce a different type of pollution. Methane gas, which contributes to the greenhouse effect, and global warming also results in pollution. It is intestinal gas produced by livestock. Even fertilizers containing ammonia result in contamination of the air. Additionally, the farmers of modern times believe in the use of excessive pesticides and fertilizers. This increased usage also produces unnecessary chemicals.

Mining Procedures

Mining is the inclusion of various operations like extracting, drilling, transportation, and also blasting. These procedures release pollutants in the air in the form of carbon monoxide, methane, and sulfur dioxide. There are other particulates, and dust particles also released at varied phases of mining.

Volcanic Eruptions

Do not consider air pollution to be completely human-made. Perhaps, natural procedures also release substances and particulates that can pollute the air around. For example, volcanic eruptions can release sufficient sulfur dioxide for influencing global cooling.

So, now you might be clear on the different factors causing air pollution. Some of these factors can leave certain evident traces, while others generally go unnoticed.

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