6 Fast Food Chains That Support Green Consumerism

6 Fast Food Chains That Support Green Consumerism

Almost all of us love eating fast food. Even if you have an eco-conscious mind, your taste buds would sometimes demand eating junk. Today, many famous chains have gone green due to increasing green consumerism. With more and more people are switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle, many food chains are taking green initiatives to satisfy their customers. Here are some food chains that are working towards a green planet.

Burger King

Burger King is one of the popular food chains in the USA that has joined the ‘go green’ movement by adding a meatless option in its food menu. Headquartered in Miami-Dade County, Florida, the multinational chain of hamburger has begun offering a vegetarian version of its famous signature burger called the ‘Impossible Whopper.’ The price of this veggie burger is a dollar more than the non-vegetarian version.

6 Fast Food Chains That Support Green Consumerism
6 Fast Food Chains That Support Green Consumerism


McDonald’s, America’s favorite fast-food chain is known to contribute severely to climate change. One billion pounds of beef is served at the chain annually which indirectly contributes to the changes in climate. With the increasing demand for green consumerism, McDonald’s has decided to get rid of foam packaging. It has also announced to source 100% packaging from recycled or renewable by the year 2025. These steps have been taken by the popular fast-food chain to contribute a little to the green planet.

Beyond Meat

Founded in 2009, Beyond Meat is committed to offering plant-based items that taste just like meat. It is well-known for making Beyond Burger, a vegetarian burger that uses a protein blend made from brown rice, peas, and green gram. The famous burger also uses some amount of pomegranate and beat to achieve meat-like coloration.

Today, Beyond Meat supplies its products to over 30,000 outlets including the fast-food chain Carl’s Jr., grocer Whole Foods, and organic-focused chain Bareburger, to name a few.

KFC, Pizza Hut & Taco Bell

Yum! Brands, Inc., an American fast food corporation operates popular fast food brands like KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut. Currently, the corporation has over 44,000 restaurants in the world. Being a United States Green Building Council’s member, the company has planned to build sustainable restaurants. These restaurants are committed to reduce waste, boost energy efficiency, and conserve water.

Yum! has also joined Beyond Meat so as to test the latter’s burgers at fast-food restaurants that operate in China. According to reports, KFC restaurants in Shanghai, Beijing, and Hangzhou are testing Beyond Meat’s classic burgers. Talking about Pizza Hut, the popular chain is trying a combo meal that will feature Beyond Meat’s plant-based offering as well as a burger with real steak.

Fast Food Chains Working Toward Green Planet
6 Fast Food Chains That Support Green Consumerism

About 200 Pizza Hut and KFC restaurants across North America have gone green to meet the increasing demand for green consumerism. As per some sources, the restaurants have reduced water usage.  

As for Taco Bell, a leading fast-food restaurant offers several meatless options for green consumers. This is done so as to reduce the carbon footprint. At Taco Bell, you can customize the menu by substituting black beans for chicken or meat.