7 Amazing Facts For Solar Energy To Blow Your Mind

Facts for Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the most abundant and easily available sources of energy on Earth. It also happens to be an inexhaustible source. No wonder people have been trying to harness it for decades now. However, the use of solar energy was extremely limited even till few decades back. But, it’s important that we understand and start harnessing solar energy if we are to progress as a species and society.

Few Amazing Facts For Solar Energy

While there is a growing utilization of solar energy in recent times, it is far from what’s necessary. Here are few facts about the most abundant source of energy on earth that will blow your mind!

Solar Energy Is Currently The Cheapest Energy Source In World

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If you thought that solar energy is not widely implemented because of the associated cost, then let me tell you, it isn’t! As of 2016, implementation and generation of solar energy producing system will cost you just $1.65 per watt. And, you won’t find a cheaper source. Depending upon the place you are staying that cost might fluctuate a bit, but we can safely say that solar energy, apart from being the most abundant one at present, has also become extremely competitively priced.

US Surpassed 2 Million Solar Systems Installation

US has crossed the 2 million figures in terms of solar system installation at homes in early 2019. Pretty sure you never heard of it till now, unless you have been actively tracking the market.

Flights Can Operate Entirely On Solar Energy While Making International Trips

International flights can operate solely on solar power. While running trains and buses were heard of using solar power, Bertrand Piccard is the first person who took up the daring task of flying a plane across the world using nothing other than solar power. It has been proven to be possible already.

Solar Energy Can Power 24X7 With Current Technology

One of the major concerns that people have while adopting solar energy for homes is that what will happen when during the night or during an overcast day? Well, modern batteries are capable of storing charge for a long duration and provide backup for hours. There are also plans to provide all round electricity to predetermined localities.

US Homeowners Have Achieved Breakeven In 3 Years With Solar Energy

US homeowners have achieved breakeven with their return on investment on solar units for their homes within as less as 3 years. The best part is that the US homeowners are estimating a savings of over $20000 within a span of 20 years.

Solar Panels Today Have Over 20% Efficiency

The modern solar panels are coming with over 20% efficiency at affordable rates. There are leading companies offering solar units at continually decreasing rate.

You Don’t Need Your Own Solar Panel To Go Solar

Thanks to some modern advancements and many organizations supporting the solar initiative, you don’t need to own a solar panel set yourself. There are companies that are undertaking power plans using solar powers and you can subscribe to them. This can increase saving manifolds and you need not worry about the installation cost.

With the world trying to reduce carbon footprint going solar is the way ahead. It is clean, cheap, efficient, and the future of our planet.

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