Reusable Bags Are Better Than Plastics


How To Use Your Reusable Bag Correctly?

With the increasing ban on plastic bags, the market of paper bags and cotton bags has boomed, and many are replacing their single-use plastic bags with biodegradable, reusable, organic, and eco-friendly. But do we know how eco-friendly these products are?

Experts have been reported quoting that switching entirely from one product to another is not a proper solution as it only means that we are eradicating one trouble and inviting another as they say that anything in excess is fatal. This holds even for this new age sustainable, eco-friendly, biodegradable replacements of single-use plastic.

All The Possible Hazards

The product that can be the worst replacement of single-use plastic bags is the paper bags. These paper bags can be good for one-time use. But they lose their quality after one-time use and are also damaged when exposed to moisture and rough usage. On the contrary, the process of manufacturing these paper bags can pose serious dangers to the environment.

Are Reusable Bags ‘Really’ Better Than Plastic Bags?
Are Reusable Bags ‘Really’ Better Than Plastic Bags?

The paper treatment plants are a threat if created in large numbers. If we replace our carry bags with paper bags, we won’t be doing anything better for the environment, but rather we’ll save oceans from plastic but will be polluting the air instead.

Next on the line comes, organic cotton bags. These are also in trend these days. But these ‘organic’ cotton bags are reportedly more harmful than conventional cotton bags, and again, the processing is quite a threat to the environment. Also, they may be called sustainable, but it all depends upon how they are used. Check out these cool tote bags and place your order now.

Are Reusable Bags ‘Really’ Better Than Plastic Bags?
Are Reusable Bags ‘Really’ Better Than Plastic Bags?

What To Do Now?

We have to ban the use of plastic and replace it with more sustainable options. Many of us will be hesitant to use them, and that makes it more confusing by considering the threats listed above. So what to do now? We, as consumers, should be aware enough to choose what suits us better and instead of completely depending on one product.

When using plastic, we must make sure we dispose of them to proper recycling units and prevent soil and marine littering. We should practice the reuse of cotton, paper, and paper bags to their optimum limit as well as the disposal.

We should adopt the conventional storage methods according to climate and geographical conditions. Reusable bags should replace single-use plastic. We should know how to reuse them properly so that there is control in processing and manufacturing. As all of us know that supply is proportional to demand and if we depend entirely on one product, the process of harvesting and treating it would again take a toll on the environment, and we might be able to curb one problem. Still, we will make way for new ones.

So, moderate use is the key. As consumers, we should use the products wisely and follow the methods correctly to get the best results. It is our responsibility to be aware and preserve the environment for our future generations.

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