Australia Climate Change- This Guide Will Map Out Every Strategy

australia climate change

Are you curious to know about Australia climate change? And want to learn more of it? Come here!

If we talk about Australia climate change, we also want to tell you it is a dry and hot country. It has become a major concern since the 21st century has started.

With the increasing time and population, Australia is becoming more prone to bushfires, droughts, longer fire seasons, extreme heat, and floods because of Australia climate change.

Recent climatic events like widespread drought and extremely high temperatures have grabbed the public and government’s attention on the climatic change in Australia.

Since the 1970s, southwestern Australia’s rainfall has also minimised by 10 to 20%, while moderate decline is also experienced by southeastern Australia since the 1990s.

Bushfires in Australia is a major matter of concern, as it takes away the lives of innocent animals. Making it difficult for them to survive.

So increase your knowledge and to make you learn more about Australia climate change, we are here with a guide for you, which will show you the reality of this beautiful continent.

Factors Affecting Australia Climate Change

1Rainfall: Australia Climate Change

climate change

With the rise in temperature, we expect that rainfall will become more infrequent and heavier, and become more common during summer than in winters.

2. Global warming

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Global warming will have an adverse effect on Australia’s climate change. It will have a negative impact on the environment, communities, and economy as well.

Australia is in threat with the increasing effects of global warming for the coming 50 to 100 years. Its semi-arid and extensive arid areas, rainfall variability and warm climate have totally changed the conditions upside down.

3 Population: Australia Climate Change

Australia’s population is mostly concentrated in coastal areas, and its tourism department highly depends on the condition of the Great Barrier Reef and also on the fragile ecosystems.

4. Greenhouse Gases

Emission of greenhouse gases will maximize several things in Australia’s climate change. Climate change in Australia is just a bad blessing of emission of greenhouse gases.

If Australia will get up to zero level of emissions by 2050, it would not be sufficient in preventing a 2°increase in temperature.

5. Floods & Droughts: Australia Climate Change

Floods and droughts will have a future impact in Australia climate change.

Cyclone is also in the list which can affect Australia’s climatic change in the future.

If global warming, rainfall, temperature rise, emission of greenhouse gases will continue to increase, then the results will be more severe as frequent floods and droughts.

Conclusion On Australia Climate Change

With the conclusive strategy of reducing the emission of Australia’s greenhouse gas, the government is doing their bit.

Further, in 2021, Australia is planning to undertake necessary action to save their environment under 26th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) climate summit, which is going to be held in Glasgow.

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