Cause And Effects Of Climate Change

Cause And Effects Of Climate Change

The degradation of the environment by human beings is such that Earth is in the stage of complete damage. Ever since the process of industrialization started, we as human beings continue to make our life comfortable. However, this comfortable life has been the cost of damaging the environment. With the growth of industries, more and more trees are cut down. Therefore, there is a lot of climate change because of it. Moreover, the emissions from industries and other technical equipment pollute the air, water, and soul. And hereby further degrading the environment and causing negative climate change. 

Cause And Effects Of Climate Change
Cause And Effects Of Climate Change

The result of climate change is such that the whole Earth is heating up, right from the North Pole to the South Pole. The melting of polar ice caps is ten times faster than it was about 100 years ago. The climate has so adversely affected that the future of the Earth looks bleak. Let us look at some of the causes of climate change.

Difference Between Global Warming And Climate Change

Many People think Global Warming and Climate change are the same phenomena. However, global warming is more of the natural phenomenon of heating Earth. On the other hand, climate change is a more adverse and negative effect on the climate of Earth. Moreover, climate change causes extreme weather shift phenomena, extinction of wildlife Clausura and fauna, change of habitats, more illness, the rise of sea level, and many other things. While Global Warming is the natural concentration of heat-trapping gas in the atmosphere, climate change is the accumulation of heat-trapping gas due to human causes. The later is deadlier.

Cause And Effects Of Climate Change
Cause And Effects Of Climate Change

Cause And Effects Of Climate Change

The following are the causes of climate change

Deforestation  As Cause And Effects For Climate Change

Deforestation is one of the primary reasons for climate change. As more and more trees go down, the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air disturbs. Therefore, as more amount of carbon dioxide increases, it results in more heating up of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Emissions From Industries

The gaseous emissions from most of the industries are toxic. Moreover, these gases contain methane and carbon monoxide, which are the bets of greenhouse gas. Therefore, these emissions result in most of the climate change happening today.


The following are the disastrous effect of climate change.

1- The sea levels all around the Earth will rise to approximately 32 inches by the end of the 21st century.

2- Floods and Droughts will the most common phenomena. Hurricanes will take place almost every week in the USA by the end of this century.

3- Natural freshwater will almost vanish because of the irreversible melting of glaciers.

4- Most of the flora and fauna species will extinct. Even humans will face harsh conditions to survive.

These are some of the most adverse effects that the Earth will face because of climate change. Even humans will mat face extinction if we do not control environmental degradation further.

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