Climate Change – The Right Explanation


Climate refers to the conditions of weather that exist in a particular area for a long duration. The rapid change in climate is a growing concern. Countries are now busy formatting policies to curb this climate change. While the cause of rapid climate change is human-made, it is the whole planet, including flora and fauna, that is witnessing its harmful effects.

Causes Of Climate Change - Do We Have The Right Explanation?
Causes Of Climate Change – Do We Have The Right Explanation?

Temperature Balancing Act In Earth

To find out what caused the rapid climate change, it is essential to know about nature’s temperature balancing act. The temperature on the earth depends on the energy that enters and leaves the earth. When the energy from the sun reaches the earth, the earth gets warm, and when the energy leaves to space, the earth gets cool. When this balance alters, the change in climate occurs. The altering factors can be the change in the energy by the sun, the difference in the reflection ratio of the energy by the atmosphere and surface of the earth, or the imbalanced ratio of greenhouse gases. 

The change in the ratio of greenhouse gas is the most prominent cause of climate change. Even though natural causes can contribute to the change in climate, scientists have made it clear that the recent changes were due to the activities of human beings. The increased concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere makes it impossible for the sun’s energy to escape back into space. Thus, this trapped heat increases the temperature.

Climate Change And The Enhanced Greenhouse Effect

You can best describe the greenhouse effect as the heating up of food in an oven. The earth is the food that we are heating up immensely. Due to this, the polar ice caps in the arctic and Antarctic regions are rapidly melting. The effect of the increase in greenhouse gases is profound in sparsely populated areas. Thus, humans fail to notice changes. The enhanced greenhouse effect stands for the strengthening of the greenhouse effect due to the activities of human beings. Yes, humans have accelerated the greenhouse effect but have done nothing to curb the effect on climate change.

Causes Of Climate Change - Do We Have The Right Explanation?
Causes Of Climate Change – Do We Have The Right Explanation?


The realization that earth is the only planet that can support life forms did not strike humans. If so, there might have been some improvement in the present condition. Instead, the ice caps are melting at an alarming rate. The ice cover is diminishing at an increased rate, so is the flora. The rapid decrease in the forest cover has also contributed to the imbalance of the greenhouse gases. With trees being cut down and getting burned due to forest fires and animals are being hunted widely for meat and other products. The earth will show signs of a tragic end in the form of unprecedented rain and harsh summers. Yet, people find it difficult to digest the fact that it is them, the reason for the happening climate change.

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