Climate Change – Causes, Effects, And Solutions

Climate Change Battle - Causes, Effects, And Solutions

Since the advent of the industrial revolution, many thinkers and scientists have hinted towards the inevitability of climate change resulting directly due to the exploitation of nature by humans. Denying the fact that climate change is not real and all the evidence supporting it has been foolishness on our part. During initial realization, the change was not much apparent. However, with time, the changes are becoming visible and having a devastating effect on nature, which will ultimately lead to our self-destruction. 

Climate Change Battle - Causes, Effects, And Solutions
Climate Change Battle – Causes, Effects, And Solutions

Climate Change Details

This change primarily is synchronous as global-warming. Both of the terms mean the same i.e., rise in the temperature of natural surroundings around us due to a rise in gases like CO2, SO2 & other toxic gases which trap the heat of the earth, hence, warming it up. This climate change has resulted in the shift of natural paradigms like precipitation, temperature, migratory actions, and wind flow over a given period of decades and recent centuries.

Now, they are facing thousands of lawsuits on the same and somewhat monitored. Still, some giants disregard and continue their exploitation. Given below are the causes, effects, and some solutions through which we can deal with climate change. The primary cause of pollution is the continuous use of fossil fuel to fulfill the energy demand of the state, as a direct result of combustion from vehicles and industries. However, we can think of a better future after the advent of electric vehicles in this domain. Here are more causes to know.

Causes Of Climate Change

Increase in Greenhouse Gases: Gases like CO2, SO2, fluorocarbons, etc. directly affect the temperature of the surroundings. The light we get from the sun naturally gets in some parts by the plant life. Oceans also absorb it while the rest of it reflects. However, these excess gas content trap these heat rays. It effectively increases the temperature of the surrounding climate and thus causing global warming. Although, these gases play a critical role in the functioning of the environment. An excess of it is detrimental to the environment.

Commercialization of Agriculture: To meet the increasing demands of the growing population, rampant cutting down of forests has been taking place, which resulted in massive deforestation. Trees, which are a natural air filter, have reduced, thus lowering the filtering capacity. Also, the byproducts and carbon foot-prints of the agriculture industry have majorly affected the climate by a large magnitude. On the contrary, agriculture is also one of the fields which should be sustainable. They reduce the damage caused in the current scenario, given that they can convert to carbon sinks too. 

Sea Levels Rising & Shrinking Ice Sheets: One of the significant direct threats visible in modern times is the rise of sea levels. It is forcing the inhabitants of the coastal places to migrate far up towards land. It also directly causes problems for the economy. Increasing ocean temperatures have resulted in the massive melting of ice sheets that have continually led to the rise of sea levels on a global scale. The current rate of sea-level rise has been estimated to be at least 8 inches by 2100.

Climate Change Battle - Causes, Effects, And Solutions
Climate Change Battle – Causes, Effects, And Solutions


As it is rightly said, it is never too late to mend. We still have some measures that may ensure a healthy and sustainable upbringing of the upcoming generation. However, immediate action is necessary and needs to imply at the earliest. Given here are a few measures that need to be implied to ensure a better climate for the future. There are numerous developments in this field going on, which seems promising in promoting a better future. 

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