Global Warming: Effects On The World


Humans have been making changes to the ecosystem of our planet since the beginning of our existence. Climate change is an effect of global warming which is mostly by us, humans. We have severely damaged the atmosphere of our planet causing this phenomenon called global warming affecting our climate. This phenomenon impacts humans, animals, and nature as well, it has damaged sources of food and water. Most of the natural habitats for animals rapidly change, some barren, some flooded.

Seasons became unbalanced, there are times of heavy rain during the summer season or time of drought during rain or winter season. Small ecosystems such as jungles, seas and most of our arctic ice are melting slowly vanishing.  These are some of the drastic changes brought by climate change. It has greatly affected every life form from humans to animals and plants.

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Causes of Climate Change

Effects Of Climate Change: What Damages It Had Done
Effects Of Climate Change: What Damages It Had Done

Scientists and researchers agree that actions we humans caused global warming. Thus humans have been the primary cause of climate change. To be exact it is our actions towards our environment. We damaged ecosystems such as lakes, jungles, and barren lands. Industrialized these ecosystems, creating machines and properties that manufacture materials, excreting harmful smoke or hazardous chemicals and greenhouse gases, slowly damaging our land, water, and atmosphere.

Damages to nature become tolling as years pass by, illegal logging leads to floods, mining leads to landslides and change in the landscape. Burning of fuel for energy, creating These acts done by humans may be creating a revolutionary age for technology and standard of living, but damaging nature and our environment is the price for this advancement.

Impact and Damages It Brings To Nature

Effects Of Climate Change: What Damages It Had Done
Effects Of Climate Change: What Damages It Had Done

Nature is the most affected by climate change, most of the ecosystems and natural habitats have been destroyed or reduced. Land changes vary from jungles becoming barren and uninhabitable for wildlife, desert lands hotter than before and mountains losing its trees and rivers due to landslides. Our bodies of water such as some lakes and rivers are now drought, the acidity of seas and oceans rise, coral reefs are destroyed, our arctic regions are melting and disappearing. The atmosphere is very thin and prone to ultraviolet rays from the sun, causing the greenhouse effect that is greatly heating up our planet. Yes, our planet is heating up due to the damage we humans have caused.

These changes in our environment have affected every creature that lives on our planet. Nature is the primary source of food for every creature, animals feed on nature and humans feed on both. Damaging nature destroys our source of water, food, and agriculture. It greatly diminishes the chance of survival for some life forms. Climate change greatly plunders our planet. If we humans do not act now we might be the last life form surviving on this planet, this is our doing and we are responsible for it.

Effects of Climate Change on Humans

Effects Of Climate Change: What Damages It Had Done
Effects Of Climate Change: What Damages It Had Done

Life here on earth is a large cycle and we humans are part of that cycle of life. Climate change affects nature and nature is the primary source of food and shelter for humans and animals. Sources of water, such as rivers and lakes are destroyed or reduced to barren lands. To put it simply, we are destroying the provider of our needs. Climate change also affects the weather and seasons. The seasons have a different pattern, weather conditions come and go. This disrupts in balance makes it hard for humans to grow crops for food supply. Climate change has a long term effect on our lives.

Effects Of Climate Change: What Damages It Had Done
Effects Of Climate Change: What Damages It Had Done


Climate change is a problem that we humans have to deal with, we are the ones who are generally responsible for causing this phenomenon. It greatly affects our environment, nature is the provider of our needs and we are slowly destroying it. The industrialization of our cities destroyed ecosystems and natural habitats such as jungles, lakes, mountains and the seas. Humans throw garbage, make machines that excrete harmful chemicals and excess of these flushed right into our seas. Unless we stop destroying our planet we will continue to suffer the consequence that it brings. The sooner awareness is spread the sooner we can take action.

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