CNN Environment News- Natures Painful or Healing Voice

Cnn Environment News

Do you want to know the latest CNN environment news? If you are a nature lover, you must be eager to know about its current condition, especially during the corona pandemic and after it.

CNN Environment News: COVID-19 Pandemic

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In the dark days of the novel coronavirus, the death toll of about over a million is still unthinkable; there was one shining wave in the form of rejuvenation of nature. With the enforcement of lockdown and humans under this shackle, nature was healing at its best. Most of the unusual and unique animals were out there in the open and on roads. It was proof of nature and earth rebalancing.

The Re-Surging Nature: CNN Environment News

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The re-surging of nature was a relief other than the worries of human suffering from the pandemic. It appeared like a tit for tat from nature. First, we were hurting nature, and now it was or is time for nature to take its vengeance.

It also raised a question, that if you offer nature a little time alone, it can heal itself? However, there are already signs of the environment and wildlife falling apart, as per the scientists.

It’s no doubt that these lockdowns have put the surveillance of many protected regions, scientific field research, and tourism on pause.

As per CNN, conservationists in the Americas, Africa, and Asia, several poachers are coming in their spot.

Nature lovers will be immensely happy to know that there was a huge interruption in the illegal trading of wildlife across different borders because of these lockdowns and less international travels.

COVID-19: A Blessing For Poachers According To CNN Environment News

Talking about the flip side, COVID-19 has been a blessing to the poachers. All the tourism was at a halt, the primary funding source for nature parks and wildlife reserves.

But if traveling is at bay, then it will affect the health of wildlife and nature. Also, the eco-tourists’ presence makes loggers and poachers away, but everything is drying up due to this pandemic.

The smooth functioning of environment caring, nature parks, and wildlife is ruining and has had a disastrous impact on them.

Countries that heavily rely on tourism are facing or have faced a massive loss regarding wildlife tourism.

Conservationists Belief: CNN Environment News

Many conservationists scare about the falling economies as it will do damage to our environment.

According to the CNN environment news, many wealthy governments invest money into Conservation International and Polluting Fossil Fuel Industries. These industries have traced over 20 rollbacks in nature’s or environmental protections this year across the globe.

The government also has to look beyond the boundaries of rural regions and protected areas, where environmental problems are flourishing. People need to look at the severe loss of biodiversity beyond these particular areas.

Conclusion on CNN Environment News

CNN Environment News: As heading towards building a perfect momentum, many countries are taking a pledge to expand and protect the natural areas.

The pledging countries are the EU, the UK, Canada, plus over 70 countries have signed a pledge of 10-points to compute and prioritize their environment in reconstructing this post-pandemic.

Nonetheless, the missing countries from this list are Brazil, India, the US, and China.

We hope every country pledges to save our beautiful environment!

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