Different Types Of Recycling Done By Local Recycling Centre

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With so many adverse changes in the environment, recycling is now gaining huge popularity. People are now educated about the importance of recycling so that they collect and send the waste to the local recycling centre rather than throwing it away resulting in filling the landfills. The maximum percentage of waste can be recycled and thus, one should always do the same and contribute towards saving the environment.

Types of Recycling Done in Local Recycling Centre

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With more people getting aware of the importance of recycling, more industries are set up for the effective recycling of products. The carry out the task in three ways which are discussed as follows:

Primary recycling 

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In this type, the original state of the product is not altered. It is repurposed and is used for the same purpose for which it was made. As these products do not undergo any kind of alternations, these are often looked upon as second-hand goods. You can get hands-on some of the best products or you can buy them to donate for charity. Some common products include toys for charity, glassware, and electronics.

Secondary recycling

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In this type of recycling, the product will not be altered but it can be repurposed to be used for other tasks than it was originally made for. Most such products are used for DIY projects and it is one of the most effective ways to recycle the products. Some of the products that can be used for DIY projects are egg cartons that can be used for growing seedlings, plastic bottles in gardening, wood, paper, metal, etc. for different DIYs.

Tertiary recycling 

This type of recycling is a step by step process that involves chemically altering the product so that it can be made into a reusable form. The local recycling centre collects all the recycling waste, separate it and clean it, and process it using different methods to make the reusable product. For example, plastic and metals are recycled and converted into sheets or pellets which are then made available for sale to the manufacturing units. This is a great way to save energy as well as resources.

Types Of Materials Local Recycling Centre Recycle

  • Plastic – it is the most commonly used product for packaging and carrying goods and thus it com

prises a huge percentage of the recycling waste. Plastics are of different types like high density, low density, Polyethylene terephthalate, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, and others. These plastics are recycled using different methods.

  • E-waste – not many people properly dispose of e-waste. They commonly throw it in the garbage which can be damaging. It is better to send this waste to a specialized local recycling centre that has a license to deal with e-waste. This kind of waste comprises of computers, printers, mobile phones, stereo, etc.
  • Glass – This waste is also thrown in the landfills but you need to know that it is not completely decomposed. But it can be recycled completely. Thus, people should be encouraged to send it to recycling centres. The common glass waste includes glass bottles, windows, crockery, jars, etc.


Recycling is one of the best ways to reduce waste in landfills and contribute to saving the environment. People now understand their responsibilities and prefer recycling the products instead of throwing them away.

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