Discovering The Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy

Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy

Solar energy is what comes in our mind whenever we think of renewable sources of energy. There are many uses of this energy – from drying clothes to heating water to generating electricity and more. The use of solar energy is on the rise and is said to completely change the power industry in the future. No doubt one can redeem several benefits by using the energy of the sun; there are some pitfalls of this ‘green’ energy source as well. Read on to discover the pros and cons of solar energy.

Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy

There are more advantages of solar energy than its disadvantages. Discover the pros and cons of solar energy and see for yourself how solar energy advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Discovering The Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy
Discovering The Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy

Advantages Of Solar Energy

Before opting for solar energy, get to know the following advantages:

Less Carbon Footprint

Although some carbon footprint is involved in setting up of solar panels, the amount of carbon footprint is much less which is produced otherwise. The energy of the sun is ‘green’ as it doesn’t produce greenhouses gases. Few greenhouse emissions also help us to reduce climate change and subsequently lessen the related consequences.

Energy Independence

As the sun is one of the precious and infinite sources of energy, you can rely on it to reduce your dependence on non-renewable energy sources. Solar panel solutions can be opted for so as to produce electricity which can be eventually used to charge your electric cars, appliances, and so on. This also helps people to save a lot on energy bills.

Long-Term Cost Savings

No doubt solar panel infrastructure is expensive; it produces lifelong energy which will allow you to enjoy long-term savings on energy bills. You can combine the use of solar panels with other energy-saving solutions to save additionally. In simple words, solar panels are like an investment that will allow you to redeem their benefits throughout your life. You can even produce electricity and sell it to the power grids to earn money.

Less Maintenance 

Solar panel infrastructure requires little maintenance. The maintenance is also not tricky as you can directly take help from the company you got your equipment from. Also, your solar panel will last more than 15-18 years and the maintenance required is affordable in every way.

A Wide Range Of Applications

You can use solar energy to produce heat as well as generate electricity. The heat from the sun can be used to purify water and dry clothes. Also, electricity can be used in buildings or even for powering the satellites.

Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

There are a few disadvantages of solar energy and they are as follows:

Costly Infrastructure

The cost of buying and setting up solar panel solutions is quite high. Further, the more the size of the panel, the more its cost will be.

Regional Limitations 

It’s not always possible to find solar solutions in every region. If you live in an area where solar energy companies don’t operate, you can’t set up solar panels.

Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy
Discovering The Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy

Weather Dependence

Solar panels require maximum sun exposure to generate heat or electricity. That means you can’t redeem the benefits of these panels on a cloudy day. This worsens if you live in a cold climatic area. Also, operating solar panels during the cold season can hamper the system and make it less productive.

Use Of Ample Space

If someone wants to generate more electricity, they need to set up several panels. Solar panels in this scenario will require ample space which can be a difficulty if you have a small roof.

Consider these pros and cons of solar energy before you decide to go solar!

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