Don’t Wait, Go Green With These Products


We as human have a habit of destroying everything we come in contact. Don’t feel guilty though, here are some green products that have minimal effect on the environment.

1. Eco-Friendly Verification Phone Apps

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In a consumer market filled with eco-friendly products, brands are scratching their heads to find ways to make themselves as green brands. While many brands have an official certification verifying their green ideas, plenty of firms are hiding beneath the eco-friendly cover to both enhance their image and improve sales.

A free downloadable phone app Eco Label by Consumer Reports contains lists of certified green products and can help buyers possibly avoid being fooled by false advertising. Boasting a seamless and streamlined user interface, Eco-Label can help you identify excellent eco-friendly goods while perusing the aisles.     

2. Solar Charging Cases

Solar panels generate power by absorbing sunlight and routing it into electricity. It is no surprise that this concept finally found its way on a smaller scale to power electronics devices. For example,  the Voltaic Generator Solar Laptop Charger consists of high-quality solar panels mounted on a waterproof case, utilizing batteries calibrated precisely to absorb solar power efficiently. You can use this hassle-free solar charging case to juice up virtually all mainstream electronics. It is one of those green products that look stylish even with the solar panels too.

Don’t Wait, Go Green With These Products
Don’t Wait, Go Green With These Products

3. Solar Water Heaters

Another one of the green products that use the sun for energy, solar water heaters are better than their regular counterparts in practically every single way. The dependence on solar power boosts their overall efficiency rates, unit lifespan, and reduces the emission of harmful particles. Moreover, a solar water heating system is likely to decrease energy usage by 70 percent and help make that monthly utility bill somewhat merciful.

4. LEDs

A simple way to reduce your negative impact on the environment involves decreasing your overall energy expenditure. A great start is by changing your old light bulbs with LED ones, which enhances your bulbs’ output and lifespan while still providing high-quality brightness. LED lamps are also don’t contain any toxic chemicals and produce minimum to zero UV emissions. The technology is seeing widespread expansion, and more homes change to LEDs by the day.  The most striking aspect of LED bulbs is how vast an improvement they are compared to their traditional counterparts.

Don’t Wait, Go Green With These Products
Don’t Wait, Go Green With These Products

5.    Energy Saving TVs

Television manufacturers have been making a rigorous effort to produce green products. The vast majority of a retailer’s TV inventory is ENERGY STAR-certified, implying their duty to efficient energy and the environment. New models require less and less energy to function correctly, which is a win-win for both the surroundings and your finance. This is very crucial as TVs are one of the most used devices in every household and being able to diminish on its energy input is priceless.

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