Dryer Balls Laundry Softener

Dryer balls laundry softener

While living in the twenty-first century, it is hard to think that you did not hear about the dryer balls laundry softener. It is eco-friendly and natural alternative to liquid fabric softener. Somehow, people query about the working process of the balls. Asking what they do with the clothes and how they help for drying the clothes.

Dryer balls can be made of various materials. PVC dryer balls, rubber balls, and woolen balls are of regular use. Some other plastic balls are also usable. Woolen balls are the best, but it does not last long. The PVC balls are replacing the market of the woolen balls. PVC materials are eco-friendly and long-lasting alternative of fabric softener.

Dryer Balls Laundry Softener

 The dryer ball receives the heat from the laundry dryer and retains it. It usually boost-up the drying process while reducing the time of drying.  The dryer balls accelerate and separate the wet fabric flapping together and allow air to circulate faster and more comfortable between the garments. These balls need space and work appropriately with medium loads. Just throwing them with the clothes in the dryer makes it works.

Are These Safer Than Fabric Conditioners?

With the help of commercial marketing media like television, the chemical liquid fabric has successfully covered the market. According to the research conducted by the association of Environmental and Occupational Clinics, which is one of the top authorities in asthma, states that fabric softener contains quats or ammonium compounds.

These quats are the leading causes of having asthma. For this reason, people are now using the Dryer Balls Laundry Softener. Allowing air to circulate and lessening static the balls soften fabric naturally. Without using chemicals, the PVC balls help to dry clothes faster. As the clothes tumble inside the dryer, the PVC ball help to lift them, resulting in fluffier texture and softness.

Health Awareness

As we all see on the television, the chemical fabric softener companies promise to soften the clothes. It also declares great smelling of the clothes. Resulting in the risk of your health and also the health of your family. Moreover, it is not at all good for the environment in which we live. No one wants to have a chance of getting asthma by washing with the fabric conditioner. The leading authorities cautioned the people to be safe from the quats, which are harmful.

Safe With PVC Dryer Balls

The PVC dryer balls have no chemicals that will be harmful to the clothes. They have no artificial colors or odors which will ruin your clothes. However, if someone wants to have some odors, they can add lemon or lavender in the dryer while washing the clothes. As we know, while removing the sportswear, we do not need any balls.


As we know ‘’Health Is Wealth’’ it is much safer to use PVC dryer balls laundry softener instead of using fabric conditioners.

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