Environment News Network – Is it Worth Watching

environment news cnn

CNN is known for world-class reporting in many fields and they are also known to focus on environmental news. The Environmental Protection Agency is part of a media watchdog group that has received hundreds of millions of dollars in funding. However, what you may not know is that CNN is required by law to mention certain facts in their reports. They have also been found to exaggerate the extent of some events.

Environment News Network is actually a website run by a person named Aaron Gustafson. He got the idea when he realized that CNN was not mentioning any environmental stories during the reporting of Hurricane Katrina. He has covered many different environmental topics in the past and felt that it was time to put together a media report on the same topic. Environment News Network is not just a website though, it also has several radios shows that air throughout the world.

Environment News CNN

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If you listen to one of the radio shows on the environment-news station, you will notice that the hosts are quite knowledgeable about the environment in general. They often discuss global warming and do talk about why it’s important to care for the environment. They will also steer their guests away from certain products that they feel are responsible for environmental issues. There are times when the radio show hosts will talk about environmental issues with companies that make specific products. It’s interesting to note that they never attack any single company or product but always steer their guests in the right direction.

A couple of years ago, I decided to look into the website for the environmental news station and find out more about it. First I thought that perhaps they were only talking about the environment in the bay area in San Francisco. But no, they also send reporters out to cover other parts of the world including India and China. That’s pretty impressive when you stop and think about it. If they can get access to places like China and India, imagine what they can get access to if they covered the environment the same way that they have covered national issues.

When I was watching the show, I noted that they had a segment where they discussed alternative energy. You might be surprised just how much of an impact our energy consumption has on the environment. The show brought up some interesting issues and asked some important questions about the effect that our actions are having on the environment. After that, they had a segment where they talked about the effects of global warming and the problems that are associated with it. This show is definitely worth watching.

A Much Ado

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As soon as I started looking at the website, I found out that they also provided links to some of their environmental segments that I hadn’t seen before. I’m glad that they are doing something to help out with environmental issues and that many people are listening to them. Unfortunately, not everyone is. In fact, some are even scared of the environment these days. That’s unfortunate since there is plenty of hope to be found through the media such as The New Republic, CNN, and other outlets that provide environmental issues.

Environment News Network has been covering environmental issues since the beginning. They have great science segments which really explain the scientific methods that scientists use to evaluate the effects that our actions have on the environment. They show the different types of science that are used to study the environment. For example, environmental scientists look at the effects of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. They use a computer model to simulate the climate so they can see what will happen if we continue to burn fossil fuels. They then use those results to determine what impact we might have on the environment if we don’t change our habits.

Bottom Line

I’m not saying that Environment News Network is completely wrong about their shows. They do provide some interesting information about the environment and current environmental issues. They also get into some interesting debates about global warming and alternative energy. It’s definitely worth a look.

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