Environmental Health News: Latest Research And News

Environmental Health News: Latest Research And News

Deadly antibiotic-resistant bacteria could potentially hide in the soil and water of the United States.  Well, that’s what the team of U.S CDC has pointed out. It is currently the hot topic of environmental health news. The infection caused by the bacteria known as Melioidosis. According to the researchers, the infection ceased the functionality of the lungs of a 63-year old man. As far now, the U.S residents who suffered from Melioidosis, have possibly picked the bacteria from any foreign land. However, according to the reports of the veterinary medical officer, Johanna Salzer, the Texan man had not traveled to any abroad destination. Also, this left the researchers to ponder the situation highly.

Signs Of The Bacterial Infection

Melioidosis is principally caused by the bacteria called “Burkholderia pseudomallei.”

Humans can have this bacterial infection from the contact of dust, dirt in the soils, and droplets of water. Also, the bacteria enter the human body through the nose, mouth, cut, and wounds.

According to the recent environmental health news and reports, the discussed bacterial infection is extremely hard to diagnose. However, it takes a substantial period to develop the symptoms inside the victim’s body. For instance, it might take several months to years to show the reliable symptoms of the disease.

Environmental Health News: Latest Research And News
Environmental Health News: Latest Research And News

To make it more precise, Salzer said if the doctors are not looking for it particularly, it will be hard for them to diagnose it. The symptoms are puzzling out of the doctors. Hence, the professionals of CDC ask the doctors to do a quick test of the bacterial infection those who:

  • Acquire similar symptoms like skin lesions, blood infection, swelling of internal organs, pneumonia, etc.
  • Patients with chronic disorders such as kidney disease or diabetes will be more prone to this lethal bacterial infection.

Most importantly, the bacteria found in the natural resources of the mentioned locations have the resistance power against the antibiotics. Hence, if the victims are not showing any improvement in their health condition, it can be a clear sign of the presence of Burkholderia pseudomallei.

Where These Bacteria Can Be Found?

The investigation result affirms that these bacteria are primarily in tropical climates like Northern Australia, Southeast Asia, South, and Central America. Furthermore, in recent studies, two territories in the United States- Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. The bacteria is in the water and soil.

If you have read the latest environmental health news, you will certainly find that the researchers have come across several typical cases of Melioidosis. Also, it indicates that Burkholderia pseudomallei has made its habitat in the southern region of the United States. However, the CDC along with the academic institutions has decided to find out the existence of the bacteria in the environmental resources in the continental segments of the United States.

Environmental Health News: Latest Research And News
Environmental Health News: Latest Research And News

The Fatality Rate Of The Bacteria

Salzer further investigated on the topic and presented the fatality rate of Melioidosis. As per his statement, prior to the case of the Texan old man, there were two similar confirmed cases; one took place in Texas (2004), and the other in Arizona (1999). Also, Salzer even stated that the environment is the chief reason for the spreading of this disease.

Every year across the world, there are almost 160,000 Melioidosis cases. The worst part is that among them around 89,000 deaths are reported. Most of the victims are certainly unaware of the disease and end up mistaking it as common respiratory ailments. Also, Salzer declares that the bacteria shut down the life of the affected people through respiratory failure or blood poisoning. Moreover, if the victims do not receive any specific treatment at the proper time, the fatality rate could surpass 70%. It is undeniably a serious matter of concern.

Due to the uprising of the environmental issues, the bacteria and virus-related diseases are becoming more and more prominent. Also, It is high time that we take proper measures and win the ever-present battle against microorganisms.

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