Global Warming And Climate Change News And Updates

Global Warming And Climate Change News And Updates

After conquering the several parts of the world, Global warming is now willing to take Antarctica under its grasp. But, recent climate change news and reports on this aspect has found out that the temperature of Antarctica has been increased 3 times more than over 30 years. Well, it can result in immense melting of the ice sheets in Antarctica, raising the sea levels globally. Previously the scientists have thought the external regions of the place under the effect. However, later, they discovered that the internal parts of Antarctica are equally affected due to the hike of the global temperatures. 

Melting Of The Sea Ice, Heat Waves Of Antarctica – Climate Change News

In recent ages, the rise of the temperatures in the enclosing regions of Antarctica has some severe consequences. The people living in the coastal regions of the world are the worst sufferers. The water that the ice sheet of Antarctica comprises can potentially raise the sea levels globally by around 200 feet.

Global Warming And Climate Change News And Updates
Global Warming And Climate Change News And Updates

Back in March, the scientists investigating the climate change news traced the first wave of heat. Moreover, the hottest temperature in Antarctica (18.3 degrees Celsius) was recorded at the research station in Argentina called Esperanza in the month of February.

The melting of the ice in the mentioned region has been increasing at a shocking rate. To say more precisely, a massive glacier in East Antarctica has recoiled nearly three miles. The South Pole which is now in a stable condition can be soon in the list of the affected regions.

Is The Climate Catastrophe Responsible For It?

At the time of the 1970s and 1980s when the rise of global temperature was noticed, the scientists discovered that the South Pole was cooling over a degree Celsius. The researcher team further stated that the cooling down of the region happened due to the natural patterns of climate. It usually takes place in a cycle of 20 to 30 years. However, as per the latest climate change news, the verdict is totally flipped. Recently, the temperature of the South Pole has lifted almost 2 degrees.

The rapid change from the cooling of 1 degree to the warming of 2 degrees clear shows a sign of 3 degrees of temperature rise. The research results or findings of the team prove that warming is the outcome of the temperature variations in the sea surface over several decades. Alongside this, the emission of the greenhouse gases is also viable for warming.

Global Warming And Climate Change News And Updates
Global Warming And Climate Change News And Updates

The Reason Behind The Warming

According to the scientist, the warming and the heat waves in Antarctica are not only because of the emanations of the greenhouse gases. There are several other manmade reasons related to it.

 A climate occurrence known as IPO that administers the temperature of the Pacific Ocean tossed a positive attribute to a negative one at the beginning of the 21st century. It in turn lifts the temperature of the tropical pacific and created severe storms and cyclones. 

Moreover, the SAM wind system moved towards the South, pulling in the warmth to Antarctica from the tropical regions.  The alteration in the SAM is accountable for causing the ozone hole in Antarctica and also enhancing the production of greenhouse gases. However, the experts are still in the dilemma to find out the reason for the alteration in the IPO. Due to all these aspects, the South Pole has become one of those places that are warming speedily on Earth.

In the concluding part, it is important to highlight that the researchers declared that the warming rate in the South Pole is seven times higher than the rest of the parts in the continent.

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