Global Warming Article – The Truth About The Effects Of Global Warming

Climate Change Article

The most general definition of “climate change” is an alteration in global climate caused by man-made greenhouse gases or aerosols. Climate change includes a substantial warming of the Earth (increasing global warming) because of the excessive levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide (carbon emissions).

Know About Climate Change

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Climate change is not confined to the Earth alone. It affects everything else on which life depends. This warming affects land surface, air and water temperature. The most dramatic climate changes will be noticed in regions such as the Arctic, where ice sheets are melting at an accelerated rate. The melting of ice sheets has a profound effect on precipitation patterns and ocean currents.

Scientists have concluded that global warming is largely due to the human emission of carbon dioxide. As a result, the Earth has been warming. In some areas, there has been a marked acceleration in the warming process.

Although the cause of global warming is the human emission of greenhouse gases, the consequences are not so easy to foresee. It is estimated that the effects of global warming will be felt within the next century, and this may cause an imbalance in the Earth’s climate system.

Know About The Effects Of Global Warming


The effects of global warming are being felt by human activity as well. For instance, some plants and animals are now dying of starvation. The rapid warming of ocean waters has resulted in the increase of sea levels, which can also be dangerous for people who live in coastal regions. Some coastal regions are now experiencing severe flooding.

The Earth’s climate change is also affecting human health. Since the climate change is making it easier for certain diseases to survive, many diseases can be transmitted from humans to other people. The most common disease that will be transmitted is the flu.

Affects The Human Life Expectancy

The consequences of climate change can also affect human life expectancy. A study has found that in some regions, average life expectancy is now reaching more than sixty years. The most important reason behind the increased life expectancy is the absence of deaths caused by illness, especially from illness related to heat and malaria. In addition, more people in urban regions are surviving to old age.

The increasing life expectancy in areas like India has been attributed to better healthcare and sanitation. Moreover, many of the diseases that previously killed a large number of people are now not fatal. Due to increased life expectancy, there are fewer children who die of measles and malaria.

Because of higher life expectancy, people are getting married later in life. This is also contributing to the rise of the population.

Summing Up

Because of all the above effects, the Earth’s climate has now changed to the extent that more people are facing problems related to global warming. It is important to act to control global warming before it is too late.

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