Natural And Man-Made Causes

Global Warming: Natural And Man-Made Causes

What Is Global Warming?

It is the increase in atmospheric temperature due to the emission of greenhouse gases. This has a devastating effect on the earth, and we, the entire human race, are responsible for causing such a threatening situation. The temperature increase causes the glacier melting, which in turn, increases the sea level and which will directly affect the inhabitants of the low lying and coastal regions. The effect of global warming will spare none on this planet.

We all are tied to each other by an invisible chain. Due to the increased sea level, the plants will die, and because of that, animals will not get their food and die too. The humans will have neither plants nor animals to live on, and they die also. This is going to be our climax if we remain indifferent about the environment and atmosphere.  

Global Warming: Natural And Man-Made Causes
Global Warming: Natural And Man-Made Causes

Natural Causes

Forest fire: Forest fire is a natural phenomenon that becomes devastating. We see it on television, in newspapers, and on the internet. But the trees, animals, and people living in the surroundings get the direct effect. In the long term, the destruction of a large portion of the forest means a considerable loss for the earth. The air gets more impure and polluted due to the emission of harmful gases. This will delay the growth of new life, which means new forestation will take a longer time. The animals will lose their shelter. People will suffer more from air-related issues like allergy, breathing problems, asthma.

Permafrost: As the frozen soil in the northern hemisphere increases, the emission of carbon and methane increases too. The permafrost envelops about 25% of the northern hemisphere. So, you may not understand it sitting at a far distant place; the carbon percentage is increasing in the atmosphere.

Sunspots: The Environment Protection energy (EPA) clearly states that sunspots are also increasing the global temperature. It resists sun plasma and in turn, gives us the extremely harmful radiation.

Water vapor: NASA says our planet is covered with a thick layer of water vapor. Most of the gases are stuck there. As the temperature rises, vapor does so. Since it cannot escape, it causes heat too.

Global Warming: Natural And Man-Made Causes
Global Warming: Natural And Man-Made Causes

Man-Made Causes For Global Warming

Cutting forests to build cities and industries: For any developmental work, the man cut forests. They need high-rises, multistoried apartments, smart homes, smart offices, smart cities. And to fulfill all these needs, we are destroying the forests. Instead, we are giving back the harmful gases, chemicals to our mother nature. And now, we have crossed the tolerance limits. If we continue doing this, we can’t save our planet.

Landfills: The garbage that we throw into the garbage collector goes to the landfills. Landfills are huge garbage chunk that is frequently seen all over the world. There are some companies which collect these and recycle them to make some useful products from it, which is commendable. But this recycling process emits toxic gases.  

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