Green Energy And Its Benefits

green energy

In the past fifty years, research and development have been made to find more ways to acquire energy efficiently from renewable sources. A lot of innovations and technology are now available to consumers after years of research which promises partial or full energy reliance through these renewable sources. The green energy naturally replenish within our timescale, which is important unlike to other sources which take a long time to replenish like coal or fossil fuel.

Green energy rapidly becomes cheaper and more efficient as technology progress. Which means more and more people are now switching to these natural resources for energy. This will help us minimize and ultimately eradicate the use of fossil fuel, which produces harmful chemicals that pollute the air.

One more thing about fossil fuel is that it is only short limit due to its rapid use. Experts believe that fossil fuel will run out in the next 100 years or so. Oil and natural gas will run out in about 54 years, while coal will only last for around 110 years. It only took us a couple of centuries to almost use it all up what nature took millions of years to make.

Green energy, or renewable energy, is the key to have near unlimited energy and not to rely on an energy source that is going to run dry soon.

Learning The Types of Green Energy

Knowing Green Energy And Its Benefits
Knowing Green Energy And Its Benefits

There are many forms of renewable energy, and we humans already know how to harness its true potential from since ancient times. We humans are very good at finding new means of energy. From the very basic water mills used since antiquity, to the high tech solar panel arrays used to generate electricity of a whole city.

Here are the most common forms of green energy:

Knowing Green Energy And Its Benefits
Knowing Green Energy And Its Benefits
  • Wind power – Relies on the wind which drives a propeller around a rotor, and the rotor spins a generator to provide electricity.
  • Hydroelectric Energy – Uses the power of water to drive a turbine to generate electricity. Most common forms of this are basic water mills and large dams.
  • Geothermal Energy – Utilizes the heat or thermal energy produced and stored in the earth. The heat that comes deep within the earth is harnessed to heat up water or working fluid. Thus it turns into steam and runs a turbine that produces electricity.
  • Solar Energy – Heat from the sun is harnessed by solar panels in order to convert it into electricity.
  • Biomass and Biofuel energy – Is the utilization of living or recently living organism as a fuel alternative. Especially plant matter and animal manure and pretty much anything biodegradable. That can be turned into fuel such as methane, ethanol, and biodiesel.

Green Energy’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Knowing Green Energy And Its Benefits
Knowing Green Energy And Its Benefits

Just like all other things, there are also pros and cons of using green energy. One advantage of green energy is that it will never run out and can replace themselves quickly. Consuming this doesn’t give out a negative impact on the environment for they produce little to no waste products. Renewable energy also provides an alternative source of energy to places that can’t be reached by power grids and lines. Especially to rural, mountainous and remote areas, which is also agreeable due to their low cost and maintenance.

The downside of this is that renewable energy is not reliable and sometimes providing insufficient energy during bad weather. And only works well in certain weather conditions. It also cannot provide constant energy for wide-scale use, unlike using fossil fuel generators.

Knowing Green Energy And Its Benefits
Knowing Green Energy And Its Benefits


Green energy is important because we cannot solely rely on fuel that is although efficient, causes hard to our planet and will soon deplete. If we cannot find any alternative fuel source in the future, humanity may shut down and chaos will be everywhere. If we can make more advancements and new innovations on how we utilize renewable energy. Someday we can make it our main source of energy, which will not just save the environment but will ensure a steady flow of near-unlimited energy for all our need.

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