Guide To Using Green Power: Definition, Benefits


With the world getting burdened with the growing demands of electricity and power, green power has surely emerged as a blessing. Conventional electricity production has resulted into many problems for human kind and pollution being the major one! Thus, more and more industries are turning to it.

Guide To Green Power

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However, the question is what is green power and what are its benefits? It is costly? Besides, let us read about answers to these questions.

Guide To Using Green Power: Definition, Benefits
Guide To Using Green Power: Definition, Benefits

What Do You Mean By Green Power?

It is defined as a type of electricity which is generated from different renewable resources and these renewable resources are biomass, solar, geothermal, and wind. Moreover, the major advantage of using renewable resources is that they can easily restore themselves after some time. Because these resources do not diminish at all.

Advantages of Using Green Power

Green power has proven to be beneficial for many institutions and businesses. These include:

Power Reliability

Renewable resources can be a perfect and reliable power generating source and, when compared to electric grid, it has more reliability.


By making use of natural and renewable resources for power generation, companies are giving back to the environment. Moreover, it reduces the danger of air pollution to an extent. Similarly, using green power, the industries are making sure that they are contributing to purifying the environment.

Guide To Using Green Power: Definition, Benefits
Guide To Using Green Power: Definition, Benefits

Positive Public Image

When a company installs such power generators for its power production, it is also indirectly creating a positive power image of itself. Furthermore, the governments would like to help such firms which believe in replacing conventional electricity production with renewable power production.

Increase In Established Customer Loyalty

When a firm takes the help of green power to demonstrate environment friendliness and it gains many loyal customers for itself in the process.

Different Forms Of Green Power

It is present in four basic types and these include:

Block Products

Block products provide the customers with an option to select it from the electric grids in the electricity standard units. Moreover, the price of these grids is fixed and it is up to the customers how many grids do they want to purchase.

Blended Products

These blended products provide the option to customers to make a switch to electricity sources which contain a part of renewable energy.

Green Tags

A customer or a firm can purchase different quantities of renewable energy by making use of these green tags. Furthermore, customers can buy these tags from anywhere in the United States.

On Site Renewable Generation

Customers of firms can install their own equipments for generation of renewable energy for their premises.


There are certification and accreditation programs available which ensure that the customer is getting what he is paying for. Similarly, there are two such certifications, these are:


It is a certification program available for these products which are produced by non-profit Centers.

The Green Pricing Accreditation Initiative

Moreover, the Center for Resource Solution develops this certification program. Likewise, it provides certification for electricity produced and electric utilities regulate it.

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