History Of Solar Power

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Solar power is the most easily accessible form of energy. Also, it is the cleanest form of renewable energy. The history of solar power dates back to 1884. Charles Fritts designed the first solar power plant. Moreover, the history of solar was not great but now solar power generation contributes to 2% of the world’s energy requirement. Thus, the demand for solar power is increasing.

Solar History
Solar History

Generation Of Electricity Through Solar Power

Solar power generates electricity using solar panels. A solar panel is made up of PV cells. These cells generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect. Mostly, the PV cells are made from silicon and germanium. A solar panel is a frame-like structure. These sun rays contain photons that react with silicon molecules and allows the flow of electrons. These electrons flow from negative to the positive end of the solar panel circuit and generate electricity.

A Solar Cell
A Solar Cell

Devices Running Through Solar Energy

The current that a solar panel generates is direct current. However, the essential appliance in our household runs only through alternating current. A direct current is more powerful than alternating current. Thus, solar current inverters installed with the solar panel converts this current. Also, direct current compatible devices are available in the market. There are many solar products available in the market. The rooftop solar panel is an essential product for generating solar energy. This can also charge a LED light. Moreover, there are solar pumps for pumping water in the fields by using solar energy.

Rooftop Solar Power Plant

A rooftop power plant is the most basic way to generate power from solar energy. A rooftop power plant has four necessary components. Firstly, a solar panel to generates electricity. Secondly, the solar charge controller that converts direct current to alternating current. Thirdly, a battery that saves power generated through solar. Lastly, the devices that can run on solar energy known as a load.

Increase In The Use Of Solar Energy

The rooftop power plant is a fundamental design. Thus, this has resulted in a massive increase in demand for solar energy over time. There is a growth of 40% in the use of solar energy every year. Now the world is generating 3,425 Mega Watts of solar power every year. Ivanpah solar energy generating station is the world’s largest clean energy generating station. It produces about 396 Mega Watts of electricity every hour.

Solar Thermal Power Generating Devices

Thermal power generation from solar power has seen a rapid increase in demand over the last decade. The solar thermal products include solar water heaters and solar cookers. Thermal energy means using the heat of the sun, instead of photons. Glass frames are used to absorb heat. This heat can be used for boiling water and for other cooking purposes.

Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater


Solar energy generating devices are simple and easy to operate. This is the cleanest form of renewable energy. Solar panels generate solar energy. Proper maintenance of solar panels increases the efficiency of solar power generation.

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