How Electronic Waste Is Recycled: Various Ideas


Electronic waste which is produced from broken and surplus electronic devices is called e-waste. There are several ways in which electronic waste can be recycled by utilizing old methods to generate new products. In one year about 44 million tonnes of e-waste is produced. Valuable materials include copper, tin, gold, silver, aluminum and fossil fuels. If we keep creating waste like this, our mother earth will get destroyed in the near future. Therefore we have to make a commitment in order to save our planet from these kinds of wastes. we need to use renewable energy sources to reduce waste production.

Solar Lanterns Rechargeable LED Lamp

For your next outdoor adventure trip, make sure to carry the solar lanterns rechargeable LED lamp. It’s perfect for both home and camping activities. A source of light is significant when hiking or trekking. Most lamps require an electrical source, but that’s not always possible when you’re outside. Fortunately, with his solar lantern, you’re sure to get light anywhere outside. The lamp is not precisely similar to that of flashlights. Lanterns can provide brighter lights and don’t have to be handheld at all times. You can hang it on a tree or inside a tent. The product is also helpful while having dinner or cookouts outside.

The best part of the solar lantern is that it has a dual power source. The battery is rechargeable through an electric and solar source. In addition to charging it at home before leaving for work, you can also keep it under the sun and let it cost sufficiently. Also, there are two plug variants to choose from, depending on your preference. The lantern is also easy to use as it has a rubber switch that one has to press to operate. It also has an AC charging point and a USB cable port.

The good thing about the product is that you can compress it to a smaller size for carrying capacity. If one needs minimal light, then the top part can be used as a flashlight. For brighter light, you can pull the top section to expose the LED light. The lantern also has a handle for proper grip and support. Finally, it has low energy that makes it highly efficient. Therefore the lamp is also ideal for emergencies.

How Electronic Waste Is Recycled: The Benefits Of E-Waste Recycling

The benefits of e-waste recycling vary from manufacturer companies to devices. Materials can be glass, plastic or even metal. The process of recycling depends on the technologies employed.

Moreover, proper preparation of products is necessary for sorting of the recycled products. Advanced technology is used to carry out the separation of e-waste products. Once the separation process is done with, the materials can be further used to prepare new and raw products. The products can be electronic devices or other products too.

Moreover, there is an estimation that a single computer monitor manufactures 530 pounds of fossil fuel and chemicals.

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