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E&E News is an American public media organization that covers energy, environment, climate change, commercial markets, and technology. In October 2021, it was purchased by Politico. It was founded by Joseph Marks and Richard Fricker. Its mission is to produce “fair and complete” industry and investment news. The company’s website says it is “dedicated to building a vibrant online presence to disseminate the information of energy and environment industries.”

At the time of purchase, the website had around five million views per month, and it is steadily increasing. The website covers energy and environment news all week and features stories from AP, Wall Street Journal, Time, Business Week, and National Geographic. Some stories have been featured in The New York Times Magazine. This weekly magazine covers the economy, science, technology, and a variety of international issues. Each story can be viewed by the person who wrote it.


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The climate change section of Energy and Environment News features stories on the recent record-breaking heatwaves in Australia, China, the United States, and France. They report that this summer’s heatwave in Australia has claimed the lives of over 2021 people. The death toll from the drought in California is now expected to double.

The business section of Energy and Environment News reports that the commercial market is facing a prolonged recession with lower oil and gas prices, rising unemployment, and a faltering housing market. US corporations are pulling out of some risky ventures, and others are cutting back on their greenhouse gas emissions. The Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing on the impact of climate change on the US economy on Monday. The committee heard from James Stockdale, former Assistant Secretary of the Navy; former Representative Don Young; and former Senator John McCain (R AZ).

A Much Ado

The interior department was not mentioned in the article because they did not submit any testimony. The Senate Commerce Committee released a 6 paged report concerning global warming on Monday and will release another on Tuesday. Ranking member James Jeffords (D-OR) said that the report is a compromise between what the majority feels and what the minority wants to do. Majority leader Harry Reid (D NV) said that he would like to see the president include climate change in the energy bill that he hopes to push through Congress in the near future.

A committee report released on Monday said that President Obama’s administration had submitted a bid to save the Pebble Island, National Park. The site was listed in last year’s presidential election as one of the top five environmental priority places for the administration to save. The site was one of four sites across the country that were included on that list. The bids to save the Pebble Island National Park were rejected by both houses of Congress earlier this year. The Senate Biden has raised some eyebrows.

The Grijalva committee sent out a press release on Monday, saying that the proposed Interior Department budget resolution would not adequately address climate change. The proposed budget resolution only dealt with the domestic agency accounts but did not address the global warming problem. The committee said that the administration failed to take “a broad enough view of the issue” when debating the issue of climate change and went with a “one size fits all” approach. The Grijalva committee also said that the U.S. needs to develop a clearer vision for dealing with global warming. This comes at a time when the global warming issue is front and center at the United Nations talks in New York.

Final Words

On Tuesday the U.S. House passed a bill that passed the Senate with support from the majority party, and the House voted to make good on a campaign promise to send U.S. money to the developing world. This is part of the package put forward by president Barrack Obama and his cabinet. Now that the debate on the federal budget has come to a close, it is up to the Senate to pass or kill the Grijalva-Kerry budget resolution and send this back to the House for final approval. For now, Obama’s energy and environment secretary, testifying before the U.S. House on Tuesday, has expressed confidence that the resolution will be passed. When it comes to dealing with global warming, there is no doubt that the U.S. needs to do more.

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