How To Deal In Solving Environmental Issues


Solving these environmental issues won’t be easy. But, if we are not starting now, it may be too late for us to save our planet from ourselves. The only ones capable to revert to a clean and green environment are us, humans. Only we can contribute to the restoration of our mother planet.

Our environment is the source of our food and shelter, nature provides us with everything we need. But instead of taking care of it, humans depleted and destroyed the environment for technical advancement. We created cities and industrialized lands, destroying ecosystems and damaging our environment. We throw our wastes in our rivers and seas, we create materials that pollute our atmosphere, burning fossil fuel that produces greenhouse gasses. These acts endanger our environment, causing climate change, endangering species, deforestation and water pollution.

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Everything Starts From Yourself

How To Deal In Solving Environmental Issues
How To Deal In Solving Environmental Issues

The ones responsible for the detriment of our planet are us, humans, thus we should be the ones to revert our planet to what it was once. Creating a mindset to teach ourselves to be aware of the changes in our environment that we have caused. Simply being aware of the situation can help change the situation of our planet. Every small change can gradually help in the long run.

Know the things that destroy our environment such as smoking, throwing and burning garbage, using plastics. These acts should be avoided since they are contributors to the destruction of our environment. Being a good example for others to follow is a step towards the common goal of protecting our environment from ourselves.

Contribution To the Community

How To Deal In Solving Environmental Issues
How To Deal In Solving Environmental Issues

We humans should create awareness to stop destroying nature and our environment. Simple acts such as recycling, tree planting and stop the usage of plastic is a great way to help our environment. One should contribute to helping by doing these simple acts, for they may be small but they greatly affect our environment.

There are also organizations and groups that have only one cause, to protect our environment. One can consider joining these communities to pursue the goal of preventing further destruction and focus on restoring our environment. These communities create an opportunity for unity to help restore the beauty and life of our environment.

Helping Mother Earth

How To Deal In Solving Environmental Issues
How To Deal In Solving Environmental Issues

Humans divided by race, country, and faith but we are all inhabitants of one home, one planet. As far as survivability this planet is the only suitable place for humans to live. Mother earth has provided for every life. This thought should be passed on to every human being, for us to be aware of the situation that we have caused our planet to be in. Contributing to the planet is needed, especially now that we have caused so much damage to our environment. There are organizations, groups, and affiliations that one can join to restore our planet. Helping through these communities spread the awareness of environmental issues

To help restore our mother planet, humans should plant more trees, stop polluting oceans and reduce burning fossil fuel. Which damages the planet’s atmosphere. Once we refrain ourselves from further destruction of our home, then we can help revert our planet to the beauty it once was.

How To Deal In Solving Environmental Issues
How To Deal In Solving Environmental Issues


We, humans, have defiled our environment, we have destroyed ecosystems, jungles, polluted waters. Caused so much damage towards our environment which we cannot easily revert. But we can gradually restore our environment if we unite as one in pursuing a common goal to stop the further destruction of nature.

Every change starts with one, becoming a good example to others may help change the perspective of others towards the effects of our actions in our environment. By spreading awareness, we can help our planet and gradually restore its beauty and life. One should remember that this planet is the only planet that we can live in and we should take care of it. Get rid of our differences and take care of our similarity, the inhabitants of the earth.

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