How To Start Composting

How To Start Composting

Composting is that gift that will never ask you anything except waste. You simply need to cut back on food waste and turn it into “black gold” which will give you enrich garden with healthy soil. People really think that composting is a very tedious task and has a lot of mess in it. It even smells bad and funny. Therefore, would like to tell you all that it is all true if you do it in the wrong way. If you plan to compost, then you must know how composting works. Composting in a correct manner is a very simple method. This composting can help you in improving your gardens and top décor your lawns. There are different types of composting that we must know if we are planning to look forward to it.

Cold Composting

It is a very simple process. You need to collect waste from your yard or take out the organic materials from trash or bin like vegetable peels off, fruit peel offs, eggshells, coffee grounds, etc. Now, crush them all in a bin and put them in the soil as they will decompose over the period of around a year.

Hot Composting

It is a very expert gardener process however faster than a cold one. In this, you can generate your compost in one to three months during hot weather. You need four ingredients for this, those are air, water, carbon, and nitrogen. All these items feed micro-organisms that quicken your process of decaying and even in spring season you get plenty of waste in your garden. You can mix all of them and make a batch of compost. Start the second batch while the first one is taking its time.

How To Start Composting
How To Start Composting


This is a process done through worm composting. When worms eat your food waste then they release few castings which are high in nitrogen. Ensure you have red worms in this process rather than any old worms. These worms for composting you can buy at any gardening shop or even online. They are not even expensive as well.

Composting Inclusions

You can easily collect the material to compost from your kitchen only. The best way is to eliminate the waste from your refrigerator that you kept using but could not. Keep a separate bin in which you collect this material.

Inclusions To Be Done

Plant Clippings

Dry leaves

Coffee rounds

Vegetable peels and scrap

Fruit peels and scrap

Shredded newspaper

Sawdust from the wood that is not treated

Finely chopped wood or bark chips

How To Start Composting
How To Start Composting

Note: Make sure you do not add onions and garlic to your waste of compost because people say that these two things repel earthworms which are really important in composting and an essential part of the garden to take place a decay process.

Step1: Combine all the material and make it moist.

Step 2: Now add water to this material. Don’t add too much. Add just to make it warm.

Step 3: Stir it up and leave it to dry. When no heat comes, then means it is ready to mix in the ground.

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