How Waste Disposal Methods Greatly Affect The Environment


In today’s society, we are currently facing the consequences of our actions towards the environment. The production of non-biodegradable materials such as plastic, Styrofoam, and other wastes has become a problem. Especially true for urban and populated areas where waste is everywhere. Products that are mostly cannot be disposed of easily are waste materials and non-biodegradable. If we burn garbage, it will become a hazardous gas, and if buried will contaminate the soil. Thus, leading to waste disposal problems.

Therefore the perfect solution is to stop the use and production of these dangerous products. People should also learn the value of recycling and segregation of garbage. By doing this, one can significantly help to the stop of harming the environment. We should always remember that we only have one planet. If we do not take care of it, we will cease to exist.

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Impact Of Waste Disposal Problems

How Waste Disposal Problems Greatly Affect The Environment
How Waste Disposal Problems Greatly Affect The Environment

The disposing of waste whether burning or burying is detrimental to the environment. Especially true for non-biodegradable materials. These materials do not decay nor rot making them a problem that causes pollution. Overflowing waste and garbage can become a cause of diseases and health effects. The use of landfills is only a temporary solution. Waste disposal is good for the short-term but in the long run, becomes a severe problem. As disposed of waste do not rot or decay easily. These waste produce methane that is a hazardous compound for the atmosphere.

Facing the Reality of Landfills

How Waste Disposal Problems Greatly Affect The Environment
How Waste Disposal Problems Greatly Affect The Environment

Landfills, in general, is a temporary solution for our environment. Landfills eventually get filled up as not all garbage decay or rot quickly. Saying this, garbage in landfills becomes more toxic and hazardous. Especially if not taken care of properly. They convert into methane which is deterrent to the environment and the atmosphere. Landfills also become a waste of land, as some garbage was buried already deep in the ground. These wastes contaminate the soil, making it not suitable for life to grow. Thus the real way to make our environment clean is to stop producing hazardous materials.

Harmful Effects

How Waste Disposal Problems Greatly Affect The Environment
How Waste Disposal Problems Greatly Affect The Environment

Generally, any waste or garbage is hazardous and toxic. This supports that improper waste disposal is dangerous and unhealthy. To people, animals, plants and the environment as a whole, garbage is a deterrent. Health issues are also present in disposals such as landfills and other garbage disposal areas. These include infections and airborne diseases which significantly affects our health and well-being. Waste attracts flies, rats and other contaminants that spread diseases. Thus any form of garbage and waste is to be avoided.

To the environment, the use of garbage disposals such as landfills contaminates the land. And garbage and wastes are toxic to the situation where it is being thrown. It damages the earth, the sea, and the atmosphere. Trash is a big factor towards our downfall, disrupting the natural flow of our environment

How to Prevent Waste Disposal

How Waste Disposal Problems Greatly Affect The Environment
How Waste Disposal Problems Greatly Affect The Environment

Awareness of our actions is the start of waste disposal prevention. We cannot prevent waste disposal as long as we continue to produce materials that become waste. As long as we produce non-biodegradable materials, we will continue to be in contact with garbage. Thus the only way to prevent waste disposal is to make use of materials, recycling.

Recycling is an essential factor to help prevent waste disposal. Through recycling, we reduce the number of materials going to waste and use them efficiently. The efficient use of materials is the first step towards the prevention of waste disposal.


Waste, in general, has become a problem, especially in today’s society. We have created this situation, and we have to deal with it. The inefficient use of our natural resources has become a dilemma. As we continue to develop non-biodegradable and non-organic materials. We are susceptible to waste disposals such as landfills and garbage cans. The accumulation of garbage in landfills is only a temporary solution. We may think that we were disposing of it, but in reality, we are making it worse.

Accumulated garbage produces methane that is harmful to the environment. The only way we can stop this ongoing dilemma is to reduce the use of non-biodegradable products. Spreading awareness and the utilization of recycling is highly needed. For us to clean and rid our environment of deterrents. To take care of our situation is to take care of our future.

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