Importance Of Climate Strike

Importance Of Climate Strike For The Climate Change

It’s no new information that there’s a need to increase attention towards climate change. The Friday’s for Future climate strike does precisely that. There are three most disturbing aspects of climate change right now.  The first major issue dangerous to climate change is the United States’ decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. The second are heatwaves in Australia, which are not getting the attention they deserve. The third and most dangerous is the continuous depletion of fossil fuels by big corporations. Climate change is real and has damaging implications if world leaders do not take account of it. 

Climate Strike Against US Withdrawal

Why The Climate Strike Is Important For Climate Change
Why The Climate Strike Is Important For Climate Change

The Paris Agreement is one of the most important international agreements when it comes to reducing greenhouse emissions. It is no secret that the United States is the second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases. This is why it’s dangerous for the rest of the world if they do back out. The president also regularly denies the climate changes. While the official move from the agreement will not occur until 2020, there needs to be an awareness amongst the public and the leaders to take climate changes more critically. To change the government’s decision to back out of the agreement, it’s imperative to consider the climate strike seriously. 

Australia Is Burning Due To The Climate Change

Bush fires are rampant in Australia and creating havoc. Despite this, there is hardly any government action on it. The climate strike is essential to get proper attention to such issues and in demanding accountability from leaders. Even in Australia, there’s a general denial of any climate change. It is crucial to curb greenhouse gas emissions, as they are going to create more pollution and contribute to raising the global temperature. When developed countries like the United States and Australia don’t take responsibility for climate change, developing countries like India and Brazil also escape accountability. 

Fossil Fuels Are Dangerous For The Climate Change

Why The Climate Strike Is Important For Climate Change
Why The Climate Strike Is Important For Climate Change

The European Investment Bank is under the control of all the member countries of the European Union. This bank is also one of the world’s largest public lending institutions currently. Which such high power, the bank is instrumental in being a part of the climate change movement. By directly and indirectly funding fossil fuel industries, it’s creating a worse world. Recently, due to an increase in public pressure on them, the bank announced that they would no longer fund fossil fuel companies.

Need For Movements

As the European Union is a union between member countries, every decision needs approval from the members. This implies that the members hold immense power in voting for or against decisions that affect millions. Germany was blocking the move, until pressure from environmentalists and even the Friday’s for Future strike. Movements like this cause leaders to put public good over private interest. While other organizations still fund fossil fuel companies, this is a beginning. It’s because of factors like this that’s it’s essential to support the ongoing Friday’s for Future strike against climate changes. These protests are a way to garner public interest in creating systemic changes. These changes should be healthier for the planet and its inhabitants. 

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