Is Recycling Worth All The Effort?

Recycling worth all the effort

What comes to your mind when you see yourself standing in a queue of a shopping mall or a coffee shop when they give you a plastic bag or a cup to hold your coffee? Once you are done with your coffee, you throw away that cup. But did you ever give any afterthought what happens to that cup? No. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you that cup just gets thrown away in the massive pile of plastic waste, and it remains there for your whole life, dumped and never to be reused or recycled. Today we will discuss the benefits of recycling and is it worth all the effort?

Is Recycling Worth All The Effort?

As we are standing in front of climate catastrophes, we need to ask ourselves, is recycling worth the effort and time, or is there still time to invent something new?

The answer to this question is quite complex, and many people don’t agree on the economic and environmental benefits of recycling. 

Is Recycling Worth All The Effort That We Put In?
Is Recycling Worth All The Effort That We Put In?

But we have some stats. If we look at the waste management system of the local authority of England. We can see the difference in economics as the country starts to recycle more than 80% of its waste. The charity Green Alliance said recycling could create more than 200,000 new jobs in the UK. In addition to this, consumers provide feedstock by sorting it manually. Thus, making the price of feedstock to go down comparatively. 

Moreover, recycling encourages people to create less waste and find better ways to implement reuse and reduce ways of living in there lifestyle.

Is Recycling Worth All The Effort That We Put In?
Is Recycling Worth All The Effort That We Put In?

Recycling Saving Energy

In many ways, recycling can help us save energy and use it on another source. Given below are some of the examples where recycling is assisting humans in saving energy. 

  • When creating a new aluminum from the old one such as cans and foils. The energy consumed is less than 95% of the total energy spent to make it from scratch. 
  • Likewise, if we compare the recycling of steel to its manufacturing, we are saving almost 70% of the energy. 
  • Less than 40% of energy is required in making paper from recycled paper than producing it from new wood fibers.
  • On the other hand, to power a 100-watt bulb for about 4 hours. You will need the energy equivalent to the recycling of one glass of a bottle. 
  • Furthermore, disposable facilities charge more than 110 Dollars for each tone of waste for landfill. Recycling helps in lowering landfill waste.
  • Incineration, a term used for burning our rubbish, which cost 90$ a ton. But recycling helps you get rid of it while protecting the environment from carbon emissions.
  • Lastly, in the year 2017, Lambeth council of London came out with the statement that proves to recycle the waste is six times cheaper than disposing of general refuse.

So there you go, these points will clear your doubts about recycling the waste and how it can be beneficial for society. 

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