LED Light Bulbs: Known Facts

LED light bulbs have been there for more than half a century. But they were not in commercial use. In 1962 LED was first developed. And it was developed by Nick Holonyak. The LED lights bulbs used light fixtures that produce light. Nowadays, people are moving to LED lighting range because they are more efficient and eco-friendly. When the LED light bulbs launched, they were expensive, but not things are different. Now LED’s are getting over traditional light bulbs.

LED Light Bulbs: Few Lesser Known Facts
LED Light Bulbs: Few Lesser Known Facts

You all have heard about different things about LED’s, but here we have something interesting for you. We have some lesser-known facts about LED light bulbs.

Lesser Known Facts About LED Light Bulbs

Led Lighting Last Longer

In comparison with traditional light bulbs, these new LED light bulbs have a longer life. It can last up to 22 years. In normal cases LED lights last 25 times longer those standard CFL bulbs. These LED lights are power-efficient, and it does not produce unwanted heat like CFL light bulbs.  You can imagine like this that if you install an LED light bulb in your newborn room than it can last time he or she is a grown-up. 

It Has A Specific Name

Yes, LED has a specific name, and that is Light Emitting Diodes. Old light bulbs produce light, but they are not as much effective as these LEDs. And the efficiency of a standard light bulb and LED light bulb is also different. In a study, it found that a standard light bulb converts 10 percent of electricity into light. But the LED’s converts 100 percent of electricity into light. It shows that standard light bulbs waste 90 percent of electricity.      

LEDs Saves Much Power

It proved that LED lights save much more power than standard CFL light bulbs. LED lights can save up to 348 TWh of electrical power in 15 years. And if you do not understand then in terms of money in 15 years, LED lights can save up to 25 to 30 billion dollars. 

LED Light Bulb Are Cool

You have seen how much the standard light bulb can heat up. In some cases, it recognizes that standard bulbs can heat up to 700 degrees. This temperature can easily roast your figures if you touch the bulb in this temperature. LED lights are cool, and it can max heat up to 140 degrees. This is the reason that LED lights are much safer than a standard light bulb.

LED Light Bulbs Are Shatter Proof

LED Light Bulbs: Few Lesser Known Facts
LED Light Bulbs: Few Lesser Known Facts

The LED lights are shatter-proof. There is a thing called thermal shock and when this thermal shock happen if you have a standard light bulb than it will shatter without any warning. And it can harm anyone under this situation. But things are different with LED light range. They do not shatter like standard CFL bulb. But in case you have hurt with the CFL bulb shatter. Then go to the hospital for physical treatment as well as for mercury contamination.


These are the lesser-known facts about the LED light bulb. But the list is not short LED lights have a lot more than these cool features.

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