What Is The Greenhouse Effect 

What Is the Greenhouse Effect? Well, this is a question we are asking from elementary school. And this notion is now bothering us. Therefore, before you dig into it, let us gain some idea about the greenhouse effect.

Let Us Get Some Knowledge-What Is the Greenhouse_Effect And It’s Causes? 
Let Us Get Some Knowledge-What Is the Greenhouse_Effect And Its Causes? 

What Is The Greenhouse Effect? The Definition To Relate-

People came across the terms many times in their life. However, the idea gets a prominent mention when there is an argument about global warming. The light that Mother Earth receives from the sun is keeping the life sustainability stable on earth. Moreover, it helps the planet to remain all warm. However, 30% light from the sun gets reflected by the snow, clouds, etc. The remaining 70% is absorbed in the water bodies of the planet. Furthermore, the land, along with the atmosphere, also gets some of the remaining quantity of sunlight. So, sunlight over the surface gets multipurpose functionalities. The primary function is –

* Production of solar energy.

*we use the light to dry our clothes.

And the planet uses sunlight to produce its food through the process of photosynthesis.

The surface of the planet remains warm all day long. However, the temperature of the surface starts to decrease as it moves to night time. Moreover, time gets always a limitation. Therefore, before all the Infrared radiation has the chance to get reflected, they are absorbed by greenhouse gases. The greenhouse gases stay there in the atmosphere. Moreover, this absorption process of the IR rays makes the weather of the earth all warm. We have to know that if there is an absence in the greenhouse gas, the temperature of the planet will come down to less than 30 C degrees. Hence, the temperature reduction would make human life face issues of survival notion.

The primary features of the greenhouse gas contents are carbon dioxide, Methane, Ozone, along with the water vapor. However, the contents of this number of gas are 1% in the atmosphere, which acts as a thick blanket. This ensures to keep the planet all warm by entrapping these gases within it. Therefore, we can conclude that this greenhouse effect is a natural process that evolves with time. Moreover, this greenhouse effect helps in maintaining the optimal condition of the earth. But, there are some adverse reactions to the greenhouse effect. Let us have a look at them-

Let Us Get Some Knowledge-What Is the Greenhouse_Effect And It’s Causes? 
Let Us Get Some Knowledge-What Is the Greenhouse_Effect And Its Causes? 

Some Causes Of The Greenhouse_Effect-

1. Burning fossil fuel- the usage of fossil fuel is making human life all running. People are using the fuel in their daily purposes such as cooking, driving, running, etc. However, the smoke arising out is not at all good for the environment we live in.

2. Deforestation- cutting down a tree is resulting in soil erosion. Moreover, it is making an imbalance in human and tree ration. Therefore, the temperature is taking a toll every day.

3. Increase in Population- with a rise in population, the sources of nature are facing scarcity.

4. Farming: farming is another scene similar to that of deforestation. However, it is making the soil to erode quickly.

5. Industrial waste along with landfills

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