Melting Glaciers And It’s Cause

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Glaciers one of the few things on our planet which cover more than 10% of the total area on earth. Still, we don’t know much about them. For us, they are just giant pieces of ice stick together and nothing else. If you ask someone what a glacier is, they might tell you they are just a bunch of mountains present in the north pole and the south pole, but the reality is different. Glaciers are present in most of the cold places of the earth. But they are continuously melting away, and we humans are not doing much to slow the process down. Today we are going to talk about the melting of our glaciers and why it occurs and how we as humans play a vital role in slowing down this process.

Melting Glaciers And It's Cause
Melting Glaciers And It’s Cause

What Is Melting Of Glaciers?

Before we answer the question, we must know what a glacier is. Glaciers are large sheets of snow and ice, which you can find all year long in the western part of the United States, Alaska, and Asia. In addition to this, the melting of glaciers happens because of the rise in global temperatures, which is caused by global warming. Furthermore, for more than 50 years, glaciers all around the world are continually melting away. As a result, we see the rise in water levels all around the world.

How Can Melting Of Glaciers Affect Us?

If you think we are very far away and the melting of the glacier will no affect our living, then you are in for a surprise. With the melting of glaciers, the water level we rise, and the weather all around the world will get wilder. Thus, the timing of the seasons will change drastically, and oceans will start to feel warmer and less cold.

Likewise, if your business runs of exotic fishes, it will shut down, as warmer the sea less will be several species living in it. Moreover, the costal areas will be affected the most as they will be soaked in seawater due to floods. In addition to this, polar bears might come to human land in search of food and shelter as their natural habitat, and food source gets destroyed. Thus, causing an increase in conflict between humans and animals.

How Are Humans Causing Glaciers To Melt?

Before the industrial revolution, there was no burning of fossil fuels and no immission of extra CO2, which causes the rise in the global temperature. More than 68% of the total glacier melting has occurred from 1991 to 2010. Which indeed is the warmest year ever in the history of humankind. Due to our increase in greenhouse emissions and rapid chopping down of trees and forest causing excessive amounts of CO2 in the air, which traps the heat coming from the sun and thus, causing our glaciers to melt.

Melting Glaciers And It's Cause
Melting Glaciers And It’s Cause

What Can We Do To Prevent Glacier Melting?

To save our glacier, we first need to find a renewable resource that doesn’t produce a high amount of CO2 during combustion, and we need to start planting trees as much as possible. Find a substitute for the usage of natural wood. These should be our first line of defense against the glacier melting, and other things will come later. At this moment, if we work one these two things, CO2 levels will decrease significantly, and thus, global temperature will cool down a bit.

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