Preventing And Controlling Environmental Pollution


The perils of environmental pollution are onwards to its rising side day by day, and all living beings are affected in negative ways. It’s true, we can’t travel back to the past and cure what we have started in the first place. But at least it’s now or never situation to save the earth. Each of us has to take our stand against environmental pollution. Every country is concerned about pollution and its worldwide and not in any particular area.

Preventing And Controlling Environmental Pollution
Preventing And Controlling Environmental Pollution
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Together We Can Prevent Environmental Pollution

Each one of us can come forward and help restore our environment through self-education about the biggest threat to life. If we change some of our daily bad habits and turn to healthy practices, it can prevent any further downfall of our ecosystem. Raising awareness of each and every people on earth is very important. They must be taught about the reasons, effects, and prevention to make the mass movement. Greta Thunberg, the 15-year-old environmental activist, is making her way to save the planet. She is on her path to aware children, adults about the devastation the generation is on the verge of facing. We can save the world together and not without each other’s help, and here is how we can act on:

1. Preventing Air Pollution

One of the major sources of environmental pollution is air. Many governments across the world have banned, burning the crops and leaves in farmlands. Government has set regulations, but people need to start following them. Promotion of renewable source development should spread to reduce fuel burning. Industries should act now to install proper chimneys. The waste gases produced in the industries must go through filters to stop toxins from entering the air. Promoting vehicles running on CNG is important while reducing petrol and diesel usage.

Preventing And Controlling Environmental Pollution
Preventing And Controlling Environmental Pollution

2. Preventing Water Pollution To Control Environmental Pollution

We can’t leave without water, and now the water has become dense with pollution. So, utilizing regional water cycle and water resources can bring benefits. There are very few drinking water resources left. So, it’s time to safeguard the quality along with the quantity of water.

In the banks of the rivers, the government must set up sewerage treatment plants. The waste materials from various industries pollute the waterways. So, these industries should get a penalty for such an act. All the towns and cities must get their very own sewerage treatment plants to prevent wastage to reach water bodies. Industries should dispose of chemical wastes properly.

3. Solid Waste Management To Prevent Environmental Pollution

Preventing And Controlling Environmental Pollution
Preventing And Controlling Environmental Pollution

For effective ecosystem, waste reduction, management, safe treatment, and recycles are some measures to take. So, solid products that are made for one-time use must come in a new format to become reusable. Industries must use solid wastes. For hazardous waste, a strict management system is a necessary step. The wastes that the industries can’t treat on-site must go to disposal facilities and central treatment.

4. Preventing Industrial Pollution

Industries are one of the top sources of environmental pollution. They pollute our environment with a high noise level, toxic air, chemical-induced water, and solid wastes.

To stop further damage, the industries must cut the discharge of any toxic substance. A program for discharge quantity control and life-cycle application control are a must.

5. Preventing Noise Pollution

Noise pollution can actually have a bad effect on our health. In today’s world, in all the cities, it has become a major problem. So, construction, transportation, social, and machinery activity must be checked.

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