3 Compartment Step-On 45 Liter Recycling Trash Can

$190.00 $75.99

Side-by-side triple compartment recycle bin; 12-gallon capacity
Constructed from stainless steel with plastic liners for durability
Details include foot pedals, bucket handles, and independent lids
Wipes down for easy cleaning; 2-bin versions also available
Dimension : Width – 23.75, Height – 18.75, Depth – 12.75 inches;Width: Left to right dimension,Height: Top to bottom dimension,Depth: Front to back dimension


Stainless steel recycling bin

The recycling bin is constructed from durable stainless steel that is built to last. Cleaning your recycling bin has never been easier, just simply wipe down the stainless steel outside or plastic inside and you’re done. The stainless steel look goes with any kitchen design and can be placed under the sink or displayed for easy access.

Multiple compartments

Separating the trash from recycling, or bottles and cans is simple with this recycling bin. The side-by-side compartments allow you to combine your trash cans and recycling bins into one unit. This will free up room either on your floor or under your kitchen sink for other items. Each compartment is opened by stepping on the foot pedal on the side that you would like to use.

Removable container

Included in the recycling bins are removable plastic containers with handles that make it easy to take the trash or recycling out without getting yourself dirty. This makes cleaning even faster as there should be no residue left on the inside of the cans.


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