amco EVO Premium RV/Marine Water Filter


Includes filter housing, one extension hose, and one replaceable premium spun polypropylene filter cartridge
Filter lasts one camping season
5-micron barrier and granulated active carbon reduces bad taste, odors, sediments, bacteria, chlorine and much more
Filter is replaceable
CSA low lead content certified and complies with California’s AB1953 and Vermont Act 193 Low Lead Laws


EVO Premium Water Filter Kit

Camco’s EVO Premium RV Water Filter reduces bad taste, odors, sediment, bacteria, chlorine and much more. It includes the filter housing, one extension hose and one replaceable, premium spun polypropylene filter cartridge. Filtration begins with water traveling through the porous shell with openings no greater than 5 microns in diameter. Filtered water passes through a bed of KDF and granulated active carbon for further filtration and bacteria control. The result is fresh, clean, great-tasting drinking water straight from your tap. It connects externally to your RV’s fresh water hose connection. The filter typically lasts one camping season. CSA low lead content certified. Complies with California’s AB1953 and Vermont Act 193 Low Lead Laws.

How it Works

The EVO Premium Filter has GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) filtration to provide you with safe drinking water from any potable source and KDF to help prevent bacteria growth when the filter is not in use. The product includes a filter housing, extension hose and filter for immediate use. When first attaching the filter to your water source, allow the water to run free for a few minutes to flush the initial loose carbon out of the filter. When the water runs clear, the filter is ready for use.

Compatibility and Use

The EVO Premium Water Filter attaches to any standard water or garden hose connection. Use this product at campsites to keep sediment out of your RV water tank and to improve the taste and smell of your drinking water for a whole season. Use it in the garden for reduced-chlorine watering and when washing your car to reduce mineral deposit spots. Cleaner water is also great for filling up your pool or hot tub, for home brewing, and for boating. This filter system is not designed for use with pond, aquariums and marine life.


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