Rattan Basket, Eco-Friendly Vase

The Idea Of Using Eco-Friendly Products For Your Home

This natural rattan basket is the first choice for those people who always look for environment-friendly items to decorate their interiors and for their daily use. Natural wicker is used to make it. It will express your taste as to others. The classic design imparts elegance wherever it is placed. It is not a display item. You can use it in many ways as you wish to. You can decorate the inner part with small showpieces, flowers and place it on the center table or end table of your living room. The effect will be remarkable.

It adds a natural vibe to your drawing hall. You can grow small indoor plants in it. The measurement of this handmade vase is 23 cm x 18 cm x 13 cm. You will get a single rattan basket in one pack.

Rattan Basket, Eco-Friendly Handmade Vase

Since it is handmade, it has as an added appeal. The shape might not be symmetrical in all parts. Still, the uneven shapes combined with the rustic wicker material create a unique effect that any machine-made item is incapable of creating. The beauty of a natural product is hard to explain. You have to feel it. Like our mother nature, you may not get the smooth, even finish, but you will get the touch of nature and the artistic skill of another human. This is somewhat the beauty of any handmade product, and this effect differentiates it from the machine-made products. 

It has both a décor element and a functional one. How will you use it depends on you.

Rattan Basket Is Perfect For Rustic Decoration

There are various ways to decorate it and place it in the indoors to highlight that area. The use of fancy laces, ribbons, artificial paper, or cloth flowers will decorate it beautifully. You can also use natural leaves and flowers. Another way of decorating it is with small decorative lights.

You can hang it from the wall at a wedding party. You can decorate even your lawn, terrace, or balcony with it. Apart from decoration you can keep fruit in it and place it on the dining table. In your kitchen, you can use to keep dry fruits, chocolates in it.

The usage is not limited in these specific uses only. You can find many other ways using your creative mind or practical sense.

Ignite Your Creativity

Think about what can be the different ways of utilizing it. For decoration, you can use laces, ribbons, small display items. But to get a fresh look, use natural things like leaves, flowers. You can grow fern in it and keep it in your living space. Grow any indoor plant in it and hang it from a hook in your balcony. You will notice that butterflies and other insects coming there.

Growing plants in it will not only enhance the beauty of the place, but it will also detoxify the air absorbing poisonous carbon-di-oxide and emitting fresh oxygen for us to breathe in.

There are possibilities of using this small natural wicker basket.  

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