Reasons Why Energy Conservation Is So Important


Today, in the advent of new technology, where almost every day we have a new tech and the things made before gradually becomes obsolete. By the next month or year or so, we tend to use more energy than we should. Usually wasting a great amount of it in the process. We humans have been looking for renewable energy that does not deplete in the long run, unlike fossil fuel whom we use all the time albeit not renewable. So far, the only way we can do is to efficiently use energy and minimize wasting it to not just save our planet but to reduce the cost of energy as well.

Conservation of Energy Leads to Environmental Protection

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Reasons Why Conservation Of Energy Is Important
Reasons Why Conservation Of Energy Is Important

Effective and efficient use of energy will totally minimize our damage to the environment. All forms of energy acquisition have some impact on our environment. Like the procurement of fossil fuel such as coal and oil, which usually leads to the destruction of habitats. The same goes with nuclear energy, for it produces nuclear waste which pollutes the land if not properly treated and disposed of. In short, it does more damage than benefits.

By conserving our energy use and shifting to other means like geothermal, hydroelectric, solar and wind power will gradually decrease the demand for fossil fuel.  Which we all know that severely affects the environment by polluting the air, destroying habitats. Which may lead to the extinction of some animals and plant life, and destroying the ozone layer.

Climate Change Prevention

Reasons Why Conservation Of Energy Is Important
Reasons Why Conservation Of Energy Is Important

Nowadays, we may seem to experience abnormalities in our climate, like an unnatural number of typhoon and storm being experienced by other countries. Extreme winter conditions and longer summertime, which is unnaturally hotter than normal. Gradual melting of the polar ice caps and glaciers which increases the earth’s ocean level and so on. All of these events are due to human activity within the last century or two.

Conserving our energy consumption will greatly decrease our greenhouse gas and carbon emission. Which is very harmful to our ozone layer. If we can effectively reduce our use of fossil fuel and the effective utilization of our energy in our homes and other infrastructures, we can assure that our ozone layer will gradually heal itself and our climate to normalize in the next 20 to 50 years.

Conservation of Natural Resources

5 Reasons Why Conservation Of Energy Is Important
5 Reasons Why Conservation Of Energy Is Important

Natural resources, just like all other things, will eventually run out if not used and utilized effectively and efficiently. One of the most common ways of conservation is by countries who have lush rainforests to increase the protected areas of the land. Prohibiting the cutting of trees (which takes a long time to renew) and the destruction of habitats. Fossil fuel should be effectively consumed to avoid its depletion and wasting money for wasted energy. Strict rules and regulations should be implemented on how to effectively use these natural resources. Such are those, natural gas, coal, trees (for use as fuel and charcoal) and so on. Not just to save our planet, but to avoid wasting it too.

Personal Consumption Reduction

Reasons Why Conservation Of Energy Is Important
Reasons Why Conservation Of Energy Is Important

We can start conserving natural energy at our homes.

  • Turning off the lights if not in use, minimizing our use of the television or our computer.
  • Only use enough water for washing our stuff like laundry, washing dishes and bath.
  • Switching from incandescent lights to LED lights, repairing any electrical issues which can possibly waste energy.
  • Only use air conditioning or heaters if the situation calls for and minimize the time of use, and
  • Repair house insulation so that heat won’t escape when the heater is used during cold seasons.

Doing this just by yourself may give a little impact on the conservation of energy in the grand scheme of things. But if all people do this, this will greatly cut millions of dollars spent on wasted energy. Protect the environment, minimize the use of non-renewable sources of energy and of course, for yourself, reduce your monthly utility cost.

Reasons Why Conservation Of Energy Is Important
Reasons Why Conservation Of Energy Is Important


Conservation of energy is not just to reduce our expenditure and to eliminate wasting precious energy. But also to help our environment recover from the years of damage that we humans have dealt with it. It is important to start it on ourselves right away, for this small step that we do. Together with the other 3 billion humans here on earth will become a great leap in the protection of our planet, and the future generations to come

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