Recycle And How Does Recycling Work?


With the advancement in technology, there are several types of equipment which make our life more comfortable to live. Be it electronic equipment or even big machinery made of steel and aluminum. But, there is a problem; Everything you use has its very own shelf life, that is, there comes a time when they expire. So what do we do with the material of the equipment once it has completed its life? We recycle them.

Recycle And How Does Recycling Work?
Recycle And How Does Recycling Work?

The advancement of technology has also catered to this problem by devising the concept of Recycling. Recycling, as the name suggests, is completing the cycle of any product from its birth to the time it expires. Most of the materials which you use in your life are easily recyclable. Be it glass, aluminum, metal, electronic equipment, paper, and even many types of plastics; all are recyclable. 

The Mantra Of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle is the mantra of the modern world. To make our planet a better place where the majority of things are eco-friendly, we all have to use the concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. In this, we must reduce the use of material, which could harm our environment like plastics. Most of the plastics like the polythene are not recyclable. They cannot de decomposed, so they pollute our environment. So, abandoning the use of polythene is a step towards reduction. 

Secondly, Reuse, the word is self-explanatory; we must reuse the products and materials which are there already. For example, batteries. There are single-use batteries, and now we also have rechargeable batteries, which save our environment and also are light on our packets, as we do not have to purchase them again and again. 

Lastly, Recycle. Recycling is the fundamental concept of making our planet free from harmful material and moving towards the use of eco-friendly materials.

Challenges We Face Today

There are several challenges we face today regarding the decaying condition of our planet due to the non-bio degradable materials which are rotting in our environment. The non-recyclable materials are a significant problem for the environment as we are not aware of how to handle them. Our rivers, oceans, land is wholly polluted by them. Which in turn jeopardizes the life of aquatic species and land animals this has a direct effect on the humans who consume seafood and other food grown on the land due to the toxicity.  

Importance Of Recycling

We see many problems are arising in the health of our planet. Environmental concerns are being raised now and then. If the issue persists, the health of our world will keep on deteriorating. Which hurts the living organisms which survive on it. Recycling will help us make our environment clean and green. Which, in turn, would help us get a better life, free from all the pollutants and toxins. So, we must all work towards using and manufacturing of stuff that can be recycled as it is the only option available for us humans.

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