Reusable Straws – Which One Is The Best?


Estimates show that about 500 million plastic straws are thrown away every day. This is a grave concern for ocean life and the overall environment. This is one of the biggest concerns every country is trying to deal with and solve.

Reusable straws are a big deal in the country recently. Cities are banning the use of single-use plastic straws and restaurants are stopping their supply. Here is a detailed list of alternates to the single-use plastic straw, their pros and cons, and suggestions on how to pick one that is ideal for you.

Metal Reusable Straws

The good thing about something made of metal is that they last. They last really long. Stainless Steel the most common of the metals for household products can now be a great choice for a straw. You can carry them with your where ever you go and quite simply wash it pretty easy right after use. However, depending on what you drink like a cup of hot tea, stainless steel straws may not be the best choice.

Reusable Straws - Which One Is The Best?
Reusable Straws – Which One Is The Best?

Glass Straws

Reusable straws made out of glass are the next on the list. Glass is super simple, easy to make, maintain and clean. Doctors specifically advise using glass as an option of storing and transporting food or other edible liquids because they do not add their chemicals or influence the food with their properties. However, glass can be hard to keep safe. If it is brittle and hits something hard while in your handbag or wallet, it can not only break but also cause injury when you put your hand in to look for it. So watch out.

Bamboo Reusable Straws

The best in the choices available is certainly the bamboo straws. For generations, we have been using bamboo shoots as straws. This is nature’s way of finding us a solution for something that we need to use a straw for. It can last really long, they are bio-degradable if you choose to dispose of it after a few years of use, and best of all, they are easy to maintain. However, in certain countries where bamboo is rare, it can be pretty expensive and also will need chopping down of bamboo trees to make straws.

Paper Straws

When the composite paper is put together in a particular combination and pattern it forms a thick structure and can double up as a straw. However, though they are not really single use, these straws do not tend to last longer as well. With a few uses, it can get pretty damp and soggy. Paper also needs cutting down trees and may not be the best thing for the environment in the long run.

If all these solutions seem simple and yet in some way not really solving the problem, try considering a silicon-based straw. It solves most of the challenges and reduces the use of single-use plastic. It is also easy to clean, store and transport. You can now pick one online easily.

Reusable Straws - Which One Is The Best?
Reusable Straws – Which One Is The Best?

Whichever straw you pick, you will contribute to the reduction of single-use plastic and do your part to save the world. So make the right choice and contribute your bit.

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