Safer Choice For A Better World

Safer Choice For A Better World

Earlier known as Design For The Environment, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States. It only allows those products that conform to the product norms. The products must adhere to the strict ingredient norms to secure EPA approval and make it a safer choice.

Safer Choice For A Better World
Safer Choice For A Better World

 Safer Choice products comply with the criteria for Safer Choice. They do not contain any toxic substances. Moreover, checking of products like dyes and perfumes that are relatively less important should also take place.

National Science Foundation (NSF)

National Science Foundation (NSF) is an autonomous federal organization of the United States. Moreover, this organization supports all researches and education conducted in the non-medical fields. It helps to gather various personalities in this field and help to educate the younger generation. This way the future generation becomes ready.

It is also the third-largest party to review Safer Choice’s products. Each ingredient constituting a particular product is thoroughly reviewed. It is done to check its impact on the environment and to look for alternatives if needed.

Products Reviewed To Ensure Safer Choice

Moreover, all cleaning products are subject to review of the NSF. Such products include multi-purpose cleaners, cleaners used for windows and tiles.

Partnership With ToxServices For Safer Choice

Safer Choice Program of the NSA has entered into a partnership with EPA as a third-party depicter. This collaboration is to ensure that the products adhere to the Safer Choice policies and rules.

ToxServices provides a variety of services through these programs. It conducts product screening and evaluation of chemical ingredients. This may be detrimental to the environment or human health. It also consults EPA to find safer alternatives for harmful chemical substances.

It also acts as a third-party profiler in its collaboration with CleanGredients. This partnership is to assess the chemical ingredients that are used in several products. Such components are to be submitted for “SaferChoice-recognition.” Moreover, CleanGredients then registers these ingredients as “pre-screened” against the conditions provided to be eligible for Safer Choice. Therefore they also help to recognize those chemicals that are conducive to the program.

Safer Choice For A Better World
Safer Choice For A Better World

Testing The Performance- Safer Choice

The assessment of different chemicals takes place at the Toxics Use Reduction Institute. Moreover, this laboratory was created to fulfill this very purpose. Therefore the primary purpose of the Surface Solutions Laboratory (SSL) is to help the industries look for eco-friendly cleaning products. Moreover, it also seeks to develop and facilitate safer substitutes to dangerous solvents. It has its prime focus on the analysis of aqueous cleaners and surface cleanliness. Data received from the performance testing is then stored. CleanerSolutions Database came into the picture to effectively utilize the information. It is a web-based interface that is field-searchable.

Creation Of A New Logo

A new name and logo came into effect, according to the EPA. Also, the environment protection aims were based on this. Moreover, it also facilitates the growth and development of safer chemicals that are eco-friendly.

Safer Choice is thus the new name for the label. Also, it took several months to create the design based on the inputs of an eclectic set of shareholders. Moreover, there were a lot of other things to take into consideration. A new logo is good to look at. People should turn and look back at this logo after seeing it. Moreover, the logo should have a good meaning to it. Hence, it takes time.