Selection Of Outdoor Solar Lights

In history, there are many phases in the invasion of  Solar technology. In the year, 1883, solar energy was first converted to solar electricity using solid-solar cell. Behind the invention of these solar light, it is challenging to name one person. It was Edmond Becquerel, a Frech scientist who first stated that solar energy help in producing solar electricity, which can light up a bulb, in the year, 1839. Then there came the solar-powered generators in the 1860s by the French Scientist Augustine Mouchet. But in the year 1883, an American scientist named Charles Frit came in focus by manufacturing the solid cell which paved the path of using a solar light today. The solid cell he invented had initially 1% electric capacity, but now in advanced time, it holds 20%. There are many options for solar lights and one type is outdoor solar light.

Know More About Outdoor Solar Lights

Fossil fuels are a minimal natural source of energy in this advance growing technology. So scientists make use of this solar energy which we found in abundance. They are regarded as healthiest form and helps to keep our environment less polluted. From the economic side, also solar lights usage is excellent. It does not carry transmission cost.

According to studies, it is evident that fossil fuels naturally exist in the earth is very scarce compared to the sunlight we get, by 160 times. What fossil fuel, nuclear and hydroelectricity produces in a year, solar energy is 15000 times more powerful to that. Therefore it is beneficial for us if we use solar power to light up the parks, garden, and street as well. In this case, Turkey is on the safe side. Turkey, by its geographical situation, gets six to seven hours of the sun’s blessing, around 2640 hours in a year. By using this solar energy, we can make our environment a better place to breathe rather than by burning fuels.

Tips For The Selection Of Outdoor Solar Light
Tips For The Selection Of Outdoor Solar Light

In recent years, with modernization, solar lights have also developed its availability. We can now find various solar lights that are available for outdoor purposes. While selecting solar lights, we should cautiously opt for a recyclable form. Different options for solar outdoor light are:

1.    Motion-Sensor Sunfix

This single spot-light is a brilliant form of solar light used nowadays. We widely use it in parking zones outside of the main door, garage. They emit a dimmed light, but during necessity, we can increase its brightness. During the day time, it uses a continues sunlight of two to three hours to charge up and provide six to eight hours of service in the evening. By the name, it can also detect motion ( twenty-feet). These lights have twenty-six led lamps, and they are IP65 CERTIFIED and are hence heat and water-resistant.

Tips For The Selection Of Outdoor Solar Light
Tips For The Selection Of Outdoor Solar Light

2.    Motion-Sensor Sunforce

 This is also a motion detector solar light with high-quality light emit. It can detect motion up to thirty feet and at an angle of 180 degrees. It has a  good advantage also. The panels are made of amorphous and thus it can charge itself during the day time. Direct sunlight is not mandatory. It can be used anywhere as it is also weather resistant. 

Thus the usage of solar light is overall very significant. During the year 2017, an experimental study shows us that the usage of these solar light has decreased the monthly expenditure of many households in Bangladesh. Students of remote villages, where studies became limited to only day time, these cosmic energies helped them to continue as per their wish.  

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