Global Warming Danger effects

Global warming a term we have heard almost whenever we hear a particular natural disaster has occurred. When the Amazon rain forest in Brasil burned, the cause of its destruction was found out to be global warming. In addition to this, people of Iceland are blaming global warming for their Ok glacier to lose the status of the iceberg. And there are lots of other natural calamities that we blame occurs because of global warming, but is it the truth? Or global warming danger effects are just another word for human wrongdoings? Let’s find out!!

What Is Global Warming?

Global warming is the term we hear since our childhood in school, but still, many of us don’t know what the real meaning of it and how can we define it. Some people even question its existence and think its all a hoax. In truth, global warming is real, and it’s all happening in front of our eyes, but we are just too blind to see it. Global warming in laymen’s terms is said to be the rise of the overall temperature of the atmosphere all around the world. It is one of the major causes of glaciers getting melted, which in turn results in rising water levels. 

Shocking Global Warming Danger effects
Shocking Global Warming Danger effects

Who Is To Blame For Global Warming?

Global warming’s primary culprit is an excessive amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. In addition to this, CO2 acts as a blanket in the earth’s atmosphere by trapping the heat. Causing the rise in the temperature. Furthermore, now you might be thinking about how such a level of CO2 exists in the atmosphere and why no one is doing anything to reduce it. Well, the answer is straightforward. We, humans, burn fossil fuels like petrol, diesel, and other natural resources, which emits CO2 during the combustion process. On the other hand, we are cutting down trees and forests to full fill our need for wood materials. Forests and trees take in harmful CO2 from the atmosphere and give back healthy oxygen to breath. Fun Fact!! Amazon forest is known as the lungs of our planet earth. But eventually, due to our mistreating, it burns every single year. 

So you get the answer? It’s us. We, humans, are behind global warming. No animal had such a negative impact on the environment than human beings.


There are a lot of global warming dangers effects that can occur if the temperature keeps on rising. We have listed some which will surely make you concern.

Shocking Global Warming Danger effects
Shocking Global Warming Danger effects

The city of Venice will be submerged underwater by 2050 due to the increase in the water levels of the sea. And same goes for the significant part of Mumbai, which is the economic capital of India, the world’s second-largest population. 

Furthermore, our glaziers will melt, and animals and species that were living on it will go extinct. We might not see the direction of the impact of the melting of glaciers. But as the extinction of species takes place, sea life will be hugely affected, which eventually leads to us humans. 

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