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Today, the solar industry has observed incredible growth in the past decade. It has been found that the price of solar has been reduced by nearly about 70%. The solar project is beating the prices of fossil fuels without subsidies. Before placing the solar panel, you have to understand solar power first. But some people are still not aware of solar energy. Solar energy uses photovoltaic panels, which convert solar energy to electric energy. The following 10 points will surprise you about the facts of solar energy.

Solar Energy Facts: Ten Facts That Might Surprise You
Solar Energy Facts: Ten Facts That Might Surprise You

Infinite Source Of Energy On Earth

To meet our power need. Every hour solar energy is striking to the earth’s surface. If we capture one hour of solar energy, then every bit of oil, every chunk of coal, natural gas could be found on the earth’s surface. In research reports, it has been found that in December 2016, the price of building and placing solar electricity generation fall up to 1.65 per watt. Beating the price of fossil fuel.

Solar Panel Cost

In the opinion of the Solar Energy Industries Association and GTM Research 3 2017, it has been found that the price of the solar cells is available at 0.21 per watt. A complete module is available at 0.39 per watt. Solar cell cost was about 77 per watt in the year 1977.

Solar Energy Is Cheaper

Unsubsidized solar energy costs at 4.3 cents per kWh which prices are lower than fossil fuels. The affordable option of fossil fuel is natural gas whose price range between 4.2 and 7.8 cents per kWh. It is cheaper than any sources of energy like coal, diesel, and nuclear.

Solar Energy Can Last For A Long Time

The solar panel comes with the power purchase agreement with the customers that can be last up to 20 to 25 years. We can replace the solar panel with new and well-planned panels which cost low, which improves performance. It has a long life span.

The World Leader In Solar Energy

In the US, solar energy is getting more popular. But as compared to China, we are nothing. GTM Research evaluates that the US has to install up to 12.4 GW solar panel, but china has installed up to 24..4 GW and will rise to 50 GW.

Solar Energy Facts: Ten Facts That Might Surprise You
Solar Energy Facts: Ten Facts That Might Surprise You

The U.S. Star In Solar

California is considered as number one in the solar installation by a big margin up to 19.7 GW. 14% of electricity is available from solar. One can find the largest solar panel here.

39% Of New Electricity, Generated Using Solar

Last year, it was found that 39% of new electricity produced from solar energy from just 4% in 2010. It became a big part of the power plant because it is very cheap.

Solar Is The Rapid Energy Source

When any tragedy occurs, there are no electricity sources that can be repaired as fast as solar.

Solar Panel Is Easily Available

Mainly in remote desert solar powers plant, installed, which are getting more attention. These projects extend all over the network ranging from home to retailer. Many big companies are using solar panels like Apple, Walmart, and Target.

Utilities Are Giving People Solar Option

You can get up to 100% of electricity from solar energy from different places, even if you don’t have a home where you can install solar panels. Several countries are giving benefits to the consumers to generate electricity from solar and wind for an extra fee.

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