Things To Know Before Buying It

Solar Inverter: Things To Know Before Buying It

Introduction To Solar Inverter

Are you thinking of purchasing a smart solar inverter? If yes, then this article contains everything that you must know before you go to buy one. Make sure you use these solar inverters efficiently.

Solar Inverter: Things To Know Before Buying It
Solar Inverter: Things To Know Before Buying It

You Must Know Your Requirements

Before you purchase this inverter, you must have an idea of your own power requirements and also, about the various equipment involved therein. As we know that fans, lights, phones, and laptops are among the elementary equipment that one shall use in case of a power cut, it is, therefore, necessary to understand the demand for electric energy that is generated by these devices.

Choose The Correct Battery

Determining the correct battery for your solar inverter is essential because this ascertains how long the solar inverter can last. The capacity of a battery can be defined as the maximum duration or number of hours for which it can power or sustain all the devices. Thus, it is always important to choose your solar inverter battery wisely.

These Inverters Function More Effectively In Cooler Conditions

You must install it in such an area that is as cool as possible. The area must also be dust-free, between the meters and the PV array. This helps the inverters to work more effectively.

The Basic Terminology And Warranty

Watts, amp-hours, watt-hours, amps and the efficiency of the solar inverter’s operation are some terms that you need to know. We know that people are more comfortable in purchasing those electronic devices that come with warranties. Solar inverters, therefore, cannot be an exception. Mostly, inverters come with warranties ranging between 5-10 years, though, in some cases, the warranty can also extend to 25 years. When you look at a particular brand, please ensure that you check the things that are included in the warranty and the things that are not.

Solar Inverter: Things To Know Before Buying It
Solar Inverter: Things To Know Before Buying It

Efficiency Of The Solar Inverter

You must look for two numbers to determine the efficiency of your solar inverter: Weighted efficiency and peak efficiency.

Peak efficiency provides you with the efficiency of the inverter when it runs under optimal conditions. Although it is always good to know the best possible scenario, it won’t always reach that level.

Weighted efficiency gives you the figures in variables, similar to DC input levels. This helps in giving a more precise check as temperature, sunshine, and the other environmental factors affect the efficiency of the inverter throughout the day.

Advantages Of Using Solar Inverter

Besides being cost-effective and reducing your electricity bill, also helps in reducing the negative effects on the environment. As this helps in generating some amount of electricity consumed by you, you won’t depend on your electricity provider in case of inflation.

Solar panels also help in increasing the value of your home. Some Home Selling Guides have opined that houses powered by solar energy sell twice as fast as homes that use conventional sources of electricity.

Thus, a good solar panel invert-er seems to be a plausible solution to a lot of our problems.

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