Solar Lamp Outdoor LED Wall Light

Solar Lamp Outdoor LED Wall Light - For Any Place To Be Efficient

Brightly lit surroundings are essential for your residence as well as for the office. It can cost quite an amount to light up an area. To efficiently light a wide area, you will have to pay a considerable sum as electricity. Well, the problem can be solved if you use the solar lamp outdoor LED wall light. This solar lamp is energy efficient and is also powerful enough to light your gardens and surroundings.

Solar Lamp Outdoor LED Wall Light

You can mount this solar lamp onto any surfaces and can give out intense light beams. Besides, the lamp is a much efficient and practical choice for outdoor lighting if you compare it to the conventional spotlights or floodlights. Also, as the solar lamp is waterproof, it can be installed in places where proper shade is not available. The lamp comes with a motion sensor. Thus, the lamp is turned on only when it detects motion in a certain area. The lamp is highly sensitive and can detect motion from 26 to 36 feet away and can be mounted at a height of 6 to 7 feet.

The solar lamp energy efficient as the free energy of the sun fully powers it. It is capable of converting 19% of the sunlight energy to useful electrical energy due to the usage of monocrystalline silicon. You can install the solar lamp with just two screws and do not have any wired installations or connections. The lamp also charges 5% faster than any other rechargeable lamp. Therefore, you do not have to check for the charge regularly. The charging starts automatically in the morning. The lamp also has a wide sensing angle of 120 degrees. Thus, the light beams are equally distributed.


If you are looking for more features to purchase the product, here is what you should buy.

  • The lamp has a wide angle of motion sensing.
  • The lamp automatically charges and is capable of giving an out of 7W.
  • The installation does not consist of any wired connections and is easy to mount.
  • The lamp is completely waterproof and is suitable for any weather conditions.
  • It uses the sun’s energy for its operation.
  • The battery used is the readily available Lithium-ion battery
  • The charging time of the lamp is only six hours.
  • Available in four different variations.


This solar lamp is a smart way to light up your surroundings without burning a hole in your pocket. You can also easily recharge the lamp in the morning using the energy of the sun within six hours. It can provide energy all night long. The motion sensor allows the operation of the lamp only when it detects movements. The lamp is ideal to light up your office surroundings because once fitted and turned on. The lamp does not require any human intervention to work. You can buy the product, given the quality and durability parameters here.

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