Solar Panel: Buy For Your Abode

Solar Panel: Should You Buy For Your Abode

As we are approaching a more technology controlled world, our planet is negatively affected. Furthermore, the equilibrium of the earth is severely affected, and the pollution has reached an alarming point. Still, we can’t stop ourselves from destroying plants and trees, producing more toxic gases and compounds. Moreover, the natural energy resources are decreasing very fast. Hence, people are getting conscious of environmental issues now. But this will not suffice. They have to take eco-friendly initiatives as a part of the “Go Green” initiative. Among various measures, we will be discussing how we can install a solar panel at our homes, its advantages and if there are any drawbacks.

Benefits Of Using Solar Panel

Solar panels have multiple benefits. It is a natural, never-ending energy source that does not pollute the environment. Furthermore, it will reduce your electricity bill remarkably. By cooling down our homes, they can, at the same time, collect the energy to convert into power.

Solar Panel: Should You Buy For Your Abode
Solar Panel: Should You Buy For Your Abode

Types Of Solar Panels

Many solar companies use different technologies. So, from these companies, you can choose one for electricity, solar thermal systems for HVAC, and back up batteries when you get disconnected from the grid completely.

Furthermore, if you are living in Portland, Charlotte, Phoneix, or any other southern city, you should consider some of the facts. You will thus determine whether installing solar panels will be right for you.

What Is Your Typical Electricity Bill?

The charge of electricity in the US is about 12 cents/kilowatt-hour. If you use many lights, electronic gadgets, air conditioner, heater, then the bill can be very high. Instead, if you use solar electricity, then you will save a lot in the long run. So, if you want to know how much you will save, you have the following option. You can get an approximate value with the necessary data of an online solar electricity calculator.

How Much Will It Cost To Install A Solar Panel On Your Roof-Top?

It’s advisable to do a little research among local dealers. The price is variable depending upon the quality and capacity you need. Moreover, there are some cheaper options that will not last long. So, go for the quality first, to avoid investing in problems frequently. On average, a 5K panel will cost you $25,000. However, you can find smaller options available at a lower cost too.

Solar Panel: Should You Buy For Your Abode
Solar Panel: Should You Buy For Your Abode

Where Should You Install It?

Ideally, you should install this panel in a place with maximum exposure to sunlight. That’s why it is often present on rooftops. However, if the roof is not an option, you can place it on the ground. But make sure that the sunlight is not blocked there.

Can You Have Solar Panel If You Live In A Place Where There Is No Sufficient Sunlight?

Of course, you can. This electricity is produced from photons, which is a component of natural daylight, not necessarily sunlight. Temperature does not have any effect on electricity generation. The quantity of electricity produced can be the same on a cold day and a hot day, sometimes even more. Therefore, you can confidently install a solar panel system if you live in a rainy, snowy or cloudy region.

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