Things To Consider Before Purchase

Solar Paneling: Things To Consider Before Purchasing

Solar Panels are not new in the market but they are yet to become a norm on every rooftop. Although solar power is the technology of the future there are many reasons why solar panels aren’t for everybody. Dive into the world of solar paneling to get a better idea of solar technology before you take the big leap.

Solar Paneling: Things To Consider Before Purchase
Solar Paneling: Things To Consider Before Purchase

Rooftop Location And Space

The first and foremost thing you should verify before getting a solar paneling is, whether or not there is enough sunlight falling on your rooftop every day. Solar paneling is expensive and if there is not enough sunlight available, it does not serve the purpose. Secondly, some apartment owners might not allow you to have a solar connection for various reasons. If you do have ample sunlight, make sure the rooftop is in good condition to withstand the load of the solar panels. The number of solar panels required depends on your power consumption. You can find this out by conducting an energy audit.

Photovoltaic Or Thermal?

There are primarily two types of Solar panels – Photovoltaic solar panels and thermal solar panels. Photovoltaic converts sunlight into electricity, and Thermal converts sunlight into heat energy used to heat water or air. The choice here depends on your needs.

Quality Of The Installer

Solar panels are quite sturdy and stationary. This makes their maintenance an easy task. Still, it is always good to get the installation done by NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) certified installers. Even though solar panels are easy to maintain, you can run into problems in the future and you would need somebody to fix it until the warranty period has not been exceeded.

Lease Or Buy                  

This again varies from consumer to consumer. If you are somebody that keeps traveling from one city to another, you don’t have to invest in a permanent solution. Solar panels usually last for decades but are expensive. So, if you have an appropriate place of your own with enough exposure to sunlight you can opt to buy a new Solar Panel. The advantage here is, even if you vacate your place, you can transfer it along with you. You must also keep in mind, the cost of the replacement parts before you make your decision.


There will be a lot of clauses in the contract if you do go ahead to make the purchase. It can be related to pricing, ownership, performance levels and also financing. Make sure that every clause in the contract makes complete sense. If you do not understand something or have doubts, always consult a legal advisor to be on the safer side.

Solar Paneling: Things To Consider Before Purchase
Solar Paneling: Things To Consider Before Purchase

Solar technology is yet to take over today’s fossil fuel-driven market, but many advancements are happening every day that only makes it inevitable. It is only a matter of time before you will be relying more on solar energy for all your power needs.

This article touches upon the know-how you should be aware of before you invest upon solar paneling. Hope this helps!

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